Monday, December 19, 2016

Jitlada, ICDC, Carmela (Final Fat Tour '16)

Yesterday JP came by and we headed out to begin the last Fat Tour of 2016. First we headed to this place east on Sunset in Thai Town called Jitlada. I had never heard of this place but knew the general area. We magically found parking right across the street. They have a very small lot with $7 for valet. We got there a little after they opened so it was not busy. I ordered a Thai iced tea which JP never had. Not sure if she liked it but she realized how sweet those things could be. It was on the sweeter than normal side but still good. For the meal we shared everything. There as the Jitlada rice which had beef, chicken, and shrimp. She also got the yellow chicken which was like chicken stuffed with chicken and this really good sauce on the side.

I got the beef pad see ew which was probably one of the best ones I've had. Huge portion so there was enough left for two more meals. I wanted to try the larb but decided to hold out because I know that I am coming here again. Instead I got the honey pork ribs an these things were so tender they just fell off the bone. By the time we were leaving more groups of people were coming in. This place has the tables set up nicely so you aren't packed right up against people. If there is one thing I would change it would be the music. My god. I counted six songs about god. Not even religious songs. Just those ones from the 90's about god. We then headed to ICDC and grabbed a salt and pepper caramel donut, Mayan chocolate (that was not even close to spicy), and a maple on maple with maple drizzled. They were awesome. Last we went to Carmela for ice cream. I got a salted caramel latte on ice and JP got her favorite the pumpkin pie ice cream. It was a fun Fat Tour and I cant wait for many more next year. Also, thanks to JP for being an amazing cousin, friend, and introducing me to so much new food.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Almost A Fat Tour

Me and JP got to do a mini Fat Tour. If we had been able to make it to Carmella it would have counted as a full on Fat Tour (three or more places). But since the parking there is ass we couldn't get there. Every time we hang out we know that we will eat some good food and laugh like idiots. We ended up heading to Tom Bergin's to get those chicken sandwiches and fries because she'd never been there. We parked right in the lot and got a both seat. The bar area was full with people watching football and I had no desire to be sitting with them. Our waitress with the accent was cool as always and we got our food pretty fast. The sandwich was really good. Neither of us like coleslaw but the way they make it here is really good so we had no complaints. JP loved the fries as well. The waitress said that they are never frozen which seems to make a huge difference. I made myself finish the entire meal because I eat slow and get full fast.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Golden State And ICDC Donuts

Today JP and I did a mini Fat Tour. It only counts as a full fledged one if we go to three or more places. This time we went to two spots that were new to us. The first was Golden State on Fairfax between Melrose and Beverly. She mentioned this place a little bit ago but with my weird ass schedule it was hard to find time to hang out let alone get our food on. We were able to find parking pretty easily considering it was Fairfax Blvd. around lunchtime for folks that work regular hours. We got a seat at the booth after ordering and stared at all the weirdos standing in line in the heat to look at shoes.

For drinks she got a mint lemonade that was good because as she said, you could taste the mint and lemonade. I got an Arnold Palmer. Both were good. Our food came in less than ten minutes which shocked me. I got a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and garlic aioli sauce. These were some of the best fries I have ever had. No exaggeration. Just amazing. The burger was great and juicy. Though this place was not huge they made good use of the space available. It didn't feel like we were on top of one another. Her hot dog was good and not a plain ass hot dog like I was expecting. Her fries were good too. We will be coming back here for sure to try out some more stuff and get those sweet potato fries again.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top Round On La Brea

I don't know why but I kept on forgetting to post this delicious chicken sandwich that Cam and I got from Top Round on La Brea over two weeks ago. I had been here once before and just got fries because I ate so much nonsense at the fair that adding anything else would have shaved years off my life. Cam said that the fried chicken sandwich here was good and she wasn't lying. Yes, we are still on the hunt for the perfect chicken sandwich and so far Tom Bergin's is still winning. This was close though. I also got a big ass vanilla milk shake that was good while Cam got the chocolate one. I'll definitely come back here again to try the roast beef and hopefully that rude server won't be there. She was not close to pleasant.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Burger And McConnell's Ice Cream

I went to the farmers market at work that they have every Sunday. This used to just be a thing that annoyed me and made me have to walk further to the bus stop. Now I enjoy it. I have gone to this booth to get a burger twice now and couldn't tell you the name. I got a Cali Burger which had bacon and avocado. The fries they make are so damned good too. This place is great and I wish I knew the name and if they had an actual location somewhere. But that wasn't enough for me. I had to also get a milkshake from McConnell's.

I first got this at Grand Central Market with Cam last week. Then I got the churro con leche one and the coffee chocolate. A coworker told me that there was a location near work so I went and the shake version of a salted caramel chip. I was too full to function. The next day I got a banana and salted caramel for home and a shake version of the churros con leche. Today I got the sea salt cream and cookies. This place is incredible. They also have a smoking hot chick there covered in tattoos.  

Lots Of Good Food

Over the past few weeks I have been able to eat some good food with some of my favorite people like my cousin JP and my best friend Cam. First I went to Shake Shack again with JP. It was good but it didn't rock our worlds like it did the first time. It was fine. There are better burgers elsewhere. Next was trusty ass Continental Kitchen with Cam. We got burgers (hers turkey) and fries while watching the Olympics. It was great as it always is. Next I got a BLT with avocado from Carla's. Its this great place that has weird hours on the studio lot at work. I have gotten burgers here too and they crippled my dumb ass. Last I went to Grand Central Market for the first time downtown with Cam. There were so many choices and I got fish and chips that looked nothing like any I've had before from this place called Bombo's. It took a long ass time to get but was worth it since they were the best I've had. They apologized for the long wait. We also got ice cream which I will be writing about soon.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Yesterday Mala and me went to Grub for some food. She had never been before and this was my third time. I am always nervous about taking people to places for the first time because I worry that they wont like the food as much as me. That was not an issue this time. She loved everything we got and so did I. 

She got a Cobb Salad Ballad and crab cake. I did not try the salad but I did try the crab cake and it was good. We got a side of Crack Bacon and it was so good both of us could not talk. I also got the Crack Burger with cheese which damn near crippled me I was so full and it was so good. Mala had the idea to get some more of the bacon to go and add it to a donut which we did after seeing a movie and letting our food settle. We grabbed one from across the street and cut up the bacon and put it on top. It was so damned good! I love this place even though when we first got there and sat outside a leaf fell into her tea perfectly and a big ass bumble bee tried to assault her. We went inside after that.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Returning To Bunker Hill

Last week I went to Bunker Hill with Miss J. I had not been here for a few years according to this blog and tried some different stuff. We started with sushi (I forget what she had but I had shrimp tempura) and both were really good. We also got duck fries which had cheese and ducks cubes and tasted so damned good. I used chopsticks to eat them because I'm classy like that. There were also fajitas but I didn't get a picture of those because we started eating them. We went during happy hour so everything was a little cheaper. It was a lot of food and I don't think we finished all of it. I was super stuffed and had to let out a zombie moan to clear some space in my soul so I could walk later. Next time I am downtown I'm heading back here again just to get that burger and fries. I'll chill on everything else so I have the energy to run from the homeless folks.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Sushi Koo

Last week Cam and I went to Sushi Koo near The Beverly Center. It used to be called Sushi Mac years ago. This was one of the first places I went to multiple times when I first started eating sushi. Cam described it as the McDonald's of sushi places. I wouldn't say that. I'd say Carl's Jr. Its cheap, fast, but they have some good stuff. I like this place because the staff has always been cool and its a nice place to go after dealing with all of the lunatics at the mall which is why we rarely go because we try to avoid that area whenever possible. I got the tempura shrimp sushi and Cam got the fancy type ones. I don't know what kind. Don't ask. It was fun and we got to just sit and relax. It was a nice surprise meal.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Links At Bludso's On La Brea

Tonight Cam took me to Bludso's over on La Brea. As always you can see her clawing at food. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to find parking because of the construction and traffic and stuff but we managed to find a meter down the street and walk right in. Lots of folks inside watching basketball which I don't care about so I asked if we could sit outside. The lady said we could but at 8pm they might have to move us because it gets crazy busy but we wouldn't be there that long so it was cool. For drinks Cam got the Cherrywine and I got a Big Red. I love the Big Red because it tastes like a drink I used to get when I was little. I don't drink soda much anymore so it bit my tongue but was good.

We shared potato salad and macaroni and cheese and cornbread. They have changed their macaroni and it tastes way better than it used to. It wasn't bad before but it wasn't anything to write home about. Now its pretty damned good. I decided to try something different so I got a chicken and a beef link while Cam stuck with the chicken link and some food to go. I always like that this place is pretty fast and the food tastes so good. It used to be hard to get good barbecue nearby. Oh, and their hot version of sauce is spicy as hell. Beware.

Marix Margaritas & Food

Last week I swung by Marix with my cousin Mala. We were gonna go to Grub, then Continental Kitchen, and then I remembered Marix and how much I like it there. It was during a busy time on the weekend but the service was still pretty fast considering. We got a pitcher of margarita with no salt which made it faster to drink and boy did we drink! We had that and I got a burger because I'm not adventurous and I like their burgers. She got some stacked enchilada something or other that she liked. I don't think it blew her mind but she liked it. We stumbled our asses back to my place laughing like idiots and it was great.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hurry Curry

On Memorial Day after a crazy ass hike in Murphy's Ranch with Koko we went to this place in Japantown called Hurry Curry. I think I have been to this area maybe four times in my life and twice it was for burgers. We went to one place and the wait was 45 minutes and fuck that because it was new, packed, and I was hungry and not even trying to wait that long. We got our seats super fast and our food came less than ten minutes after ordering it. Oh, and it all came up to less than $30. You can't beat that. 

For an appetizer I got the chicken which was boneless and so damned good. We both got curries. Koko got the Tokyo curry and I got the pork cutlet one. We tried each and they were both good. I got the hot one but it wasn't all that hot to me. If you are ever in that area check it out. The staff is cool, the food is good, not expensive, and the place is comfortable. Oh, I forgot to mention the salad. Not sure what that brown stuff is but it was great and made the salad awesome. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mexicano At Crenshaw

Today Cam and I went to this place called Mexicano over at the Crenshaw Mall. Why were we near the Crenshaw Mall? Because we thugs! Anyhoot, we headed there and got seats immediately which was cool. Cam had been here before a little bit ago and really liked the food. We get a table, which are set up very strangely so that you have to rub your crotch or ass on people as you pass or take the long way, and waited to have our orders taken. Then we waited some more. And some more. And...

I know what you are thinking. “It's Saturday afternoon. Its busy!” Yeah, but not really. After over 20 minutes a waitress came by to tell us how busy she was and that she would be taking our order. Then she took the order of people that came after us. Eventually another server came and apologized after finding out we hadn't be helped yet. Hell, we didn't even have water to drink. But we did have chips. They had beans so I ate around it. Then we waited some more. And some more. We got drinks. I got Sprite while Cam got water and a really good lemonade with chia seeds. After almost an hour we were eating. Cam got a shrimp dish which I can not recall the name of I tried it and it was good. I got a beef dish that was good. It had cactus which I'd never tried and jalapenos.

This place has really good food but, my god, the waiting kicked my ass. The second server made up for some of it but I'd never come here really hungry again. I've waited a long time for food before at place but at least I either had something to drink or snack on. By the time I was asked if I wanted a refill I had just a bite of my food left. Seeing people that came after you eating their meals is not cool. All that being said, I'd come again. Just not hungry.  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mendocino Farms For Sandwiches

A week or so ago Cam and I went to Mendocino Farms over on Santa Monica and Le Brea. Of course before that I went to Chick-Fil-A with JP and since then have gone to Isa Japanese Noodle, Sushi, and Curry with Cam but have no images from either of them. Both were really good in case you were wondering. Very long wait at Isa which thankfully we were prepared for unlike the couple next to us that bounded through bitching.

Cam got the Not So Fried Chicken which consisted of “shaved, roasted free range chicken rolled in Mendo's krispies with herb aioli, mustard pickle slaw, tomatoes, pickled red onions on toasted ciabatta with a side of chipotle BBQ sauce or mustard pickle remoulade.” She liked it alright but it didn't blow her mind. The combination of a lot of the krispies plus the crispy bread was a bit too much she said. I forget the name of mine but it was Korean something or other that was really good. Great mix of vegetables and the beef was tasty. I also got hot chips and Cam got pickled ones. This place doesn't move as fast as it used to but I usually end up loving what I got while who I am with is semi-satisfied.  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

In & Out After A While Away

My cousin JP and I went to In & Out earlier this week early in the day before recording a show (click here to check that out). I had not been here in a long time. Usually because the crazy long lines and I tend to think of going here while on the way to some other place and passing it. We were there before 11am so there wasn't a crazy amount of people. Just a cute, tiny cashier that rang us up and some clumsy mofo that spilled his drink all over the floor. We got double double's and I got some fries. This place is good. I know that sounds silly to say if you've been here but they are. Its a good in between place when you don't wanna spend Plan Check money but don't want to punish yourself with Burger King.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You Like Breakfast Foods?

The past few weekends I've been getting breakfast in the afternoon with folks. The first is from Vee's Cafe over on Adams with Cam. After checking some places out we were trying to think of where to go. We had visions of chicken sandwiches in our heads but the idea of a good breakfast won. We got the Hauser scramble which is eggs, black beans, cheese, and turkey bacon. I got mine with no beans because I don't like beans. There was also toast with some really good jam. We also got big ass espressos because we are adults and can do things like that.

The next weekend JP and I went to IHOP. I had not been here since last year I guess. We both got the breakfast sampler which is such an odd name for such a big meal. It has two pancakes, two eggs, hash browns, ham, bacon, and sausage. Later after recording a show where the audio didn't come out we headed to Carmella's for some green tea ice cream for me and she got a new pine nuts and...something. I can't remember and she is too busy partying to respond to my request for the flavor. I had fun two week in a row eating with a few of my favorite people.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Girl Dinette

Camille and I went to this place that she had been to once before called Good Girl Dinette over in Highland Park. I had never even heard of this place but I am so glad that I have now. This place was so damned good. The parking was easy and across the street. We headed inside and ordered drinks and our meals. I wasn't quite sure of what I should get but the chicken sandwich sounded good. Banh Mi Galangal chicken was the bombdiggity. I still have the other half of it in my fridge right now. Camille got the same thing but with a side of slaw while I got the garlic spicy fries (she got a side of those too). Those fries are so damned good! Some of the best I have ever eaten.

I also got the curry chicken which tastes good and I have some leftover as well. For drinks we got the house made drinks. Camille got the grapefruit and I got the blood orange flavors. They were super good and I don't even like grapefruit. If I am ever in the area again I will be swinging by this place.  

Shake Shack In West Hollywood

JP and I finally made it to Shake Shack. This place is new so its very popular. We tried to go last week but the line was too long so we gave it another try with plans B. and C. just in case the line was still too long. The line was long but moved faster than last time. We were luckily able to get a table inside because the idea of sitting outdoors with dozens of people staring at us eat is not fine. I got a bacon burger with fries and a Sprite. JP got this beer an bacon grease made burger with cheese with a mango drink. We went halfsies on the fried chicken sandwich.

The bacon burger was awesome. Really good bacon but a bit smaller than I was expecting. The one JP got was super greasy and missing...something. It had powerful strong mustard on it but needed lettuce and tomato or something. I'm not quite sure. The crispy chicken sandwich was very good as well and is keeping me on my hunt that I have with Camille for the best chicken sandwiches. I'll be heading back here for sure but hopefully it will calm down a bit so I can just grab something in less than ten minutes.  

Back At Marix

Last week JP and I went to Marix. We tried to go to Shake Shack but the idea of waiting in line for an hour when we're hungry is not good for us or society. So we walked back down the street and went to Marix. We looked at the menu and wanted to try something new but eventually we were like “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” We ended up ordering what we got last time. I got a burger and fries. She got a Cubano. And we split these chicken fajitas. Everything was just as good as last time and we left full as hell and continued to have a fun day. This place is really cool by the way. The staff is nice, not pushy and all over you for refills or checking on your order, and its nice and open. You should check it out next time you're in WeHo. And of course we topped it all off with Carmella.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

For my birthday my cousin JP made me a cake. She asked what kind I wanted and I said white cake. For some reason that is my favorite type when someone makes it. I used to make these for myself and I remember one time someone saying “That's sad you have to make yourself a cake.” I was like “Damn it, you aren't making me one!” 

So my cousin that is awesome and one of my favorite people made me a cake and it is delicious. I had two pieces the first night with coffee (like old folks) and more the next day. I know that it is just a cake but to me it is something someone wanted to do for me. Its nice when someone thinks of you and wants to be nice.  

Nanbankan Six Years Later

I can't believe it but its been six years since Cam last brought me to Nanbankan for my birthday. She made reservations because fancy needs that and we got there right on time. We were seated and got to watch the chefs making every meal. And there are a lot of meals. I got some chicken meatballs, shrimp tempura sushi, sashi chicken, and a grilled potato with sour cream. Cam got the best cod I have ever tasted, grilled onion, corn on the cob. I know I am leaving something out. We got Asahi's as well! Everything was awesome! Everything! I love this place. The portions seem small but I assure you that you'll get full. Then we went to Carmella afterward to top off the end of probably my favorite birthday weekend ever.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chin Chin Birthday

For my birthday I went to Chin Chin on Sunset with JP. I had not been here in years so I was happy to head there again. But first we saw Deadpool and laughed our asses off and I ate popcorn. We were able to be seated immediately and ordered five separate dishes. We got potstickers as well as wontons. Each were super hot. Not taste wise, but heat. That isn't a complaint, just a warning. For main dishes we got...let me see if I can remember the names.

General Tso, orange chicken, and some other chicken something. The two chicken dishes kind of tasted the same but were good and the steak one was a bit sweet. I enjoyed them but today when thinking about this they didn't have the ribs I remember getting here years ago. All of this food tasted better today. The location looks nice but you have to deal with a lot of near fatal accidents on Sunset and random aggressive homeless people. The staff is nice but they come to the table to check on you a little too often. I'm guessing we were checked on close to ten times. This isn't the kind of spot where you can just eat and chill for an hour talking. I still enjoyed myself and the food but again, it tasted even better today.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Laughing At Marix

JP and I went to Marix here in WeHo. I had been here once before but didn't actually look at the menu all that much. We were welcomed in and got to pick our seat. The place was super packed. We sat down and were brought some tortilla chips and salsa that JP loved. I should have had more but I wanted to make room for my burger. Yes, a burger. JP: “Only you would go to a Mexican restaurant and order a burger.” Dante: “Tex-Mex. Its Tex-Mex.” I got the Marix burger with bacon and cheese with fries and damn it was good.

JP got this crazy ass “Cubano” thing that had this steak that was awesome. The rice was good and I got to try chimichurri. Ooh, I loved it so much! Oh, and it had plantains! Versailles used to make really good ones but slipped and now I know I can come here for them and its down the street! Of course we ended up laughing like lunatics while talking. We ended up being there at the busiest part of the day and talked until it cleared out. The waiter was really cool and accommodating to us and I think he loved the fact that we were either laughing or smiling each time he came by. I'll definitely be coming back here.  

Tom Bergin's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Yesterday Cam and I went to Tom Bergin's on Fairfax. We had tried to go before but the place was closed. We parked right outside and got our asses to a comfy booth. We got some drinks (no pictures at the moment) and the fried chicken sandwiches. 

This sandwich is great (not my own picture). This was automatically added to my list of favorite fried chicken along with Poppy + Rose and Plan Check. The atmosphere of the place was cool and the service was good and fast. I'll definitely have to go back to this place again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Returning To The Counter

Yesterday after a failed attempt at another place Cam and I headed to The Counter over on Wilshire. I had stopped going for a while after going all the damned time because the service had dropped considerably but the last few times I've gone its been really good. We started with the Allagash White's because we're grown ass adults. She got the original style burger in turkey form I believe and I got the Korean BBQ burger. That thing is so damned good. We also got fries but we started plowing into them before I thought to even get a picture. It was President's Day so the place was filled with families and children. Like, an exorbitant amount of them. I was telling my cousin about this and how when I was little Taco Bell and McDonald's were a big deal. My parents never would have taken me to a place like this. No kid can appreciate a $10 burger I don't care what you say. We still enjoyed ourselves and had fun catching up.  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Homemade Fancy Macaroni And Cheese

The other day I went to hang out with Mrs. G. and we made some fancy ass macaroni. I'll include the ingredients so you can make it if you want. We also added a little extra and less of some things. We have been planning this for weeks and I am so glad that we got to make it. We rounded down our choices to two different types of macaroni and each had bacon because bacon is magic. We added turkey sausage and took out the massive amount of arugula that the ingredients called for because that vegetable smells like feet.

This ended up being a massive amount of food. We had seconds and possibly thirds of it. We may or may not have also made brownies. I have some of this in my fridge as leftovers and this is enough food for about ten people to have a good amount. This was not that hard to make especially with two people working on it. She bought the onions already diced so that saved a lot of time. The really cool thing about this is that you can taste every single ingredient inside of it. Thanks again, Mrs. G!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Republique On La Brea

After Poppy + Rose JP and I went to this place Republique on La Brea and 6th. She sent me a picture of this thing that looked like a S'more on crack and I was all in. We had to find parking because as my friend Cam would let you know parking is a bitch anywhere near that area. So we get there and walk up to the display case with what was left of the pastries. They had three of what I came for but it took a moment to spot them. Why? They was tiny! The picture we saw made them look like they were the size of my hand. They were tiny which turned out to be a good thing. I liked them alright but there was too much happening in them. JP didn't even want hers.

She got a carrot cake thing that was okay. I got a big cookie that smelled great but tasted like display case if that makes any sense. It tasted like whatever it was near. I also got a big donut that tasted like a Girl Scout Cookie. Nothing was mind blowing. It was all just okayish. No need to go back here.  

Poppy + Rose In Downtown

JP and I went to this place called Poppy + Rose located in downtown L.A. This is the first time we ventured from my area to grab something to eat and it was well worth it. This place is located a belch and a holler from Skid Row so be prepared for that. I sat on the little bench outside and when JP arrived we went straight to the counter and ordered. I got the Poppy Burger that was two quarter-pound patties, house coleslaw, bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, and house thousand island. It was...incredible. Pretty sure it made my top five favorite burgers. It was super good and if I were not in public it would have been a mess. I also got a side of fries and a Mexican Coke.

JP got the Fried Chicken Sandwich that had buttermilk-brined chicken thigh, house aioli, and house pickles. Imagine if Chik-Fil-A started making way better sandwiches. We share food because we love each other so she liked my burger and I liked her chicken sandwich. I'd definitely go back to this place again. The service was fast and the place is well spaced and bright. You should check it out for sure.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dog Haus

While out all over the place today Cam heard my stomach make sounds and asked if I was hungry. I was. All's I had was coffee and it was now early afternoon and the beast stirred inside me. We headed to this place called Dog Haus after she asked “You want a hotdog?” When a woman asks that question you don't say no. So we headed there.

She got a big ass corndog with tater tots and fancy dipping sauces along with I believe a Birch beer. I tried the tots and they made them perfectly. They weren't all soggy and sad like some folks make them.

I got what is called The Cowboy which had smoked bacon, white American cheese, crispy onions, and barbecue sauce. This thing comes on a thick ass slice of bread that was strong enough to contain all that madness. And it was good. This is one of those places that I'd go to all the time if I lived nearby.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Burgers & Ice Cream Crew

I went to Plan Check again with my cousin JP and we went to town like we normally do. Two burgers, crazy ass fries with a bunch of toppings, and of course their fried chicken. I was talking to her about how I like the fact that they are consistently good. I used her picture because it came out better than mine. You can see the bacon all glistening. Then we stopped off at Carmela for some ice cream. We even got a couple of to-go of their pumpkin pie flavor. But we're not gonna talk about what happened to hers...