Monday, June 13, 2016

Links At Bludso's On La Brea

Tonight Cam took me to Bludso's over on La Brea. As always you can see her clawing at food. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to find parking because of the construction and traffic and stuff but we managed to find a meter down the street and walk right in. Lots of folks inside watching basketball which I don't care about so I asked if we could sit outside. The lady said we could but at 8pm they might have to move us because it gets crazy busy but we wouldn't be there that long so it was cool. For drinks Cam got the Cherrywine and I got a Big Red. I love the Big Red because it tastes like a drink I used to get when I was little. I don't drink soda much anymore so it bit my tongue but was good.

We shared potato salad and macaroni and cheese and cornbread. They have changed their macaroni and it tastes way better than it used to. It wasn't bad before but it wasn't anything to write home about. Now its pretty damned good. I decided to try something different so I got a chicken and a beef link while Cam stuck with the chicken link and some food to go. I always like that this place is pretty fast and the food tastes so good. It used to be hard to get good barbecue nearby. Oh, and their hot version of sauce is spicy as hell. Beware.

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