Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crispy Crust Pizza

Last week I got tired of ordering Domino's and wanted to see if there was a cheaper place to order from that was good. I checked online and saw this place called Crispy Crust that I'd seen driving around. On a whim I checked if they delivered to my area, unlike Pizza Hut, and it turned out that they did. I got a large pepperoni and 18 piece buffalo wings. The pizza was good. It reminded me of one I had years back when a boss ordered it for everyone. The chicken was actually pretty damned good. From now on I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering from this place from now on. Its cheaper than Domino's which charges way too much for a few pieces of chicken.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slater 5050 In Pasadena

Both of my cousins aka the only people in my family that I see mentioned this place called Slater 5050 in Pasadena. So before heading out to see Godzilla me and Mala headed to Pasadena and made an attempt to find parking since there was a damned bike race going on and every street was compromised. We found public parking and headed in. The place wasn't packed since we went so early in the day. We got seats as soon as we arrived. This place has TV's all over the walls and hot chicks that work there. The menu is a bit overwhelming. There are a shit ton of burgers to order from. Our waiter was cool and got our orders without writing it down since we got the same meal.

I ordered a Sprite and we both got the 5050 burger since nether of us had been here before. Mala got her's with an egg on it. This burger has guacamole, cheese, and the patty is made of half beef half bacon. This is a thing! He warned us that even though the burger was well done it would appear pink because of the bacon in it. We had no problem with this. We also got one order of fries that was enough for two people. Did I mention that bacon ketchup came with it?! Oh, it was so good. The fries alone were good and well seasoned but the bacon ketchup made it even better. We ate this before noon and I didn't need to eat anything else for the rest of the night. If you get the chance to go here do it. You'll be full but it won't cripple you.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Busy B Chili

A few months back one of my old co-workers wrote a blog with a recipe for some great sounding chili. I had a dish she brought me to work a while back and it was awesome. So last night I realized that after thinking of it for a full day that I had to make this chili. I got all but one of the ingredients from Trader Joe's (found the chili powder at Gelson's). I also got cornbread as well as ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Oh, and I got twice the amount of meat so I doubled the seasonings. For less than $25 I made enough food for the next few days! CLICK HERE for the recipe and HERE to check out her blog The Busy B Creates for the full recipe as well as other posts. Her stuff is far more useful than the things I write about and contain far less swear words.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sandwiches At Toast

A couple of days ago me and Cam went back to Toast. We went in the middle of the day and I was worried that it would be too packed. As we drove by I saw a lot of people and I was worried that we wouldn't get a seat. I was already thinking of a plan B. and going blank. Thankfully it was fine and there was plenty of seats inside. As I sat there trying to ignore all the waitresses in leggings and the male models they have as staff I ordered a very good lemonade. I had my back to the bakery so Cam had a good view of all the sweets. I can not remember what sandwich Cam got. I believe that this is a chicken sandwich with a side of fries. Yeah, let's go with that. Both of us just ate half of our sandwiches because we knew that we were gonna get something right afterward.

I got what was called a Smoked Stack which was a turkey and avocado sandwich that was way better than I thought it'd be. I figured there would be slices of turkey and it was actual pieces of turkey which made it way better. The fries were great as always. After we finished eating we stepped into the bakery and saw so many things we wanted. They have a damned cookie with Twix in it! We were both in ice cream mode so I got strawberry on a big ass cone and Cam got a cup of ice cream that was too much for her as if there's such a thing as too much ice cream. The next time we go I am getting that Twix cookie because it is now stuck in my head.