Thursday, July 30, 2015

Traffic, Burgers, And Jicama

Here's what happened. Dashuh was here visiting and the plan was to get to Anaheim, hang out, and then bring my ass back home. It should have been a total of about five hours that turned into a mess and a half. I took the bus to Union Station which was easy. But once you get off there are signs, people, and no help everywhere. The signs make no sense. Employees hide in plain site. Its a nightmare.

After four minutes I get my ticket to board a train heading to Anaheim. I ask where to go and am given the wrong information. So while I wait for my train that I think is late it is actually on the other side of the tracks on time and leaving. After realizing that not only was I now late I had wasted $8 on a piece of paper. I could wait another hour for the next one but when I decide to do something stupid I do it fast. So I head out front and hop into a cab.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Continental Kitchen Treat Yo Self!

Went to Continental Kitchen again this morning. God, I love this place. Its in West Hollywood right on Santa Monica across from Connie & Ted's. I decided to get the bleu cheese burger with bacon added because sometimes you need to treat yo self! This thing was so damned good. I like taking friends here for the first time and out of four people none have been disappointed.

I also got these Bruce Cost ginger ale drinks. One pomegranate and the other passion fruit. Both are really good but don't kick my mouth ass like ginger ale tend to. The passion fruit was really good.