Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wetzel's Pretzel's

You know what I like about this place? Actually its two things. 1. I have never eaten a pretzel from here (opting instead to get hotdogs wrapped with pretzel) and 2. Every time I am with someone and they do get a pretzel they don’t seem to enjoy it. Its always either too hard, too soft, or the flavor is off. Their hotdogs are great though. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I really like this place. I like this drink in particular. it’s a caramel mocha something or other. Its awesome and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf always puts an assload of caramel in their drinks. I don’t like Starbucks. Never understood why so many people go there. Its not good. Their ice blended drinks are damn near Slurpees and their regular coffee tastes like dirt. Plus the people who work at Coffee Bean (what its called when you don’t have time to say the full name. These places are all over the damn place and shouldn’t be hard to find. Go there and be happy.