Saturday, October 16, 2010

La Bodega

Tonight me and Camille went to La Bodega over on Larchmont. Neither of us had ever been before but like Julia C. she had a Groupon coupon and we used it! The place was good and small and it being a nice cool Los Angeles evening we decided to sit outside. The menu was rather pricing (“It wasn’t that high online” Camille said) but since we had a coupon we ended up paying less than $10.

I got a chicken ravioli with mushroom and a Sprite while Camille got the eggplant ravioli I believe with tea. The portions were perfect so there was no need for a doggie bag. Funny though, if we had paid full price I think this would’ve bothered me.

The bread was very so-so and the oil and basil we were served tasted like regular ass gravy with oil. Yeah. I don’t know how that works either. The service was great and fast and if you have some extra change in your pocket you should check it out.

Home Cooked Meal

Every time I have been over Julia C.’s place her mom makes something that A. I have ever had. B. Tastes amazing. And C. has vegetables. Everyone knows that I’m not a huge fan of veggies but if you make them well I can and will eat them. Her mom made this delicious ground turkey dish with squash and peppers with rice and tortilla shells. It was super tasty and new to me. Also whenever we sit down and have dinner there is groovy conversations going on.
We talked about how many restaurants seem to have no pride in what they serve and many chefs do not taste what they are preparing and serving paying customers. We also discussed how certain cultures are now preparing food better than the places they got their food from (ex. Koreans making Mexican food better than Mexican restaurants). Good food and good conversations are two things I love more than anything. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Frosty Cupcakes

Me and Julia C. went to this place that isn’t that far from me on Santa Monica & Highland called Frosty Cupcakes. Wow. Seriously, wow. I had never heard of this place before. it’s a very small spot that is bright powder blue and they have marvelous cupcakes.

We got six of them half priced because Julia is signed up with something called Groupon. Different businesses have super amazing discounts and place their stuff there and you sign up and reap the rewards! We got half a dozen cupcakes. If I remember correctly there were two red velvet, one lemon, one royal chocolate, one mint chocolate, and the one I absolutely had to get.

Chocolate toffee. Damn, it was good. Sweet but not pain inducing sweet like some places are. The place is kinda pricey but like I said, Julia had coupons. Me, Julia, and her mom after eating a fantastic dinner (that I will write about shortly) sat there and just discussed how great these cupcakes were. I’ll definitely be going back there again in a few weeks.