Monday, September 16, 2013

Shaq Tried To Poison Me

What the fuck, Shaq? On the way home I grabbed this orange cream soda drink from 7/11 to go with my sandwich. It was a buck and huge so I grabbed it. My lord this tasted like ass. I'm pissed at how happy Shaq looks on the front of the can considering how disgusting this tasted. Its like drinking a very malty beer that has a slight taste of rotten orange. Its the devil pretty much. And there's quite a few flavors. They have a grape one that I was close to getting but sometimes grape flavored things taste like medicine. I'm sure of I got that flavor it would have been even worst. If you see this don't buy it. I try to warn folks not to buy things and they get curious instead. Don't get curious.

Itis Causing Burgers At The Counter

Me and Coco went to The Counter on Wilshire after a show at LACMA because as she put it “Jazz makes me hungry.” I had sworn off this place for a while because the service had dropped considerably and the food wasn't as good anymore. Thankfully the last two times I've gone its improved. It was a Friday night an very busy on the inside and outside but after about a five minute wait we were seated at a both like I requested which was nice. We started off with an order of fries and I got a lemonade to drink.

For my order I got a burger with bacon, grilled onions, garlic sauce, avocado, and cheese. The avocado slid off immediately so Coco just took it along with any onions that fell off. By the way, that is something only women can get away with. The burger was good and I finished every bite. The Itis began almost right after my last piece.

Coco got this monster. It had crispy onions, boiled egg, cheese, lettuce, garlic sauce, tomato, and pineapple. She couldn't finish this beast. She got halfway through before tapping out and taking hers home. I feel better knowing that this place is back to being good again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vito's Pizza On La Cienega

Last weekend me and Coco went to this place called Vito's Pizza over on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Willoughby. I've lived in this damned neighborhood for over 15 years and I've never heard of this place until Coco mentioned it and said how good the pizza was. After I had went to Two Boots in Echo Park I'd complained that there was not a great pizza place near me. Turns out there was and its a ten minute walk from my home and probably the best pizza I've had.

That's a huge plate by the way.

I have passed by this lace literally hundreds of times and never saw it. Its in that shopping center and right in the corner. It seems like a small place but there's plenty of seating and ones at the counter and even outside. The chick at the counter was nice and they have a good selection of pizzas. Oh, and they deliver! I got a pepperoni with a sausage/ham/pepperoni to go and ended up grabbing another slice to go.

I grabbed a menu and saw that they also have a ton of other things like sandwiches and such. Check this place out if you are ever in the neighborhood. You better let me know so I can come!