Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vito's Pizza On La Cienega

Last weekend me and Coco went to this place called Vito's Pizza over on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Willoughby. I've lived in this damned neighborhood for over 15 years and I've never heard of this place until Coco mentioned it and said how good the pizza was. After I had went to Two Boots in Echo Park I'd complained that there was not a great pizza place near me. Turns out there was and its a ten minute walk from my home and probably the best pizza I've had.

That's a huge plate by the way.

I have passed by this lace literally hundreds of times and never saw it. Its in that shopping center and right in the corner. It seems like a small place but there's plenty of seating and ones at the counter and even outside. The chick at the counter was nice and they have a good selection of pizzas. Oh, and they deliver! I got a pepperoni with a sausage/ham/pepperoni to go and ended up grabbing another slice to go.

I grabbed a menu and saw that they also have a ton of other things like sandwiches and such. Check this place out if you are ever in the neighborhood. You better let me know so I can come!

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