Monday, June 5, 2017

Nariya Thai On Sunset

Today Cam and I went to this Thai spot over on Sunset called Nariya. This was my second time but the first time I went a few weeks ago I didn't have my camera with me. We started with some super sweet Thai iced teas with the Nariyan Sampler which consisted of chicken satay, crispy spring rolls, firecrackers, and wontons. Each of these are good. They also come with two sauces. One of them is this cucumber one that is really tasty and I could just add this onto anything.

Cam got the Nariya salad which she hoped was not too spicy. There were spicy parts but she was able to still enjoy it. She also got the silver noodles and there was enough for three meals. I didn't try this but I did try the salad and it was good. I stayed away from peanuts because I can not deal with peanuts in hot food. I also got the Thai barbecue pork which is so damned good. It reminds me of when that place Kinaree was good (they no longer exist thankfully and a new great spot Otus is there now). I really like this place and want to try some new dishes the next time I go.