Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dorito's Tacos At Midnight

Have you tried these? No? Then you are dead to me. These are Taco’s At Midnight flavored Dorito’s and they are awesome. Camille made a taco salad that she mixed with these and they were so damned good! Do they taste like tacos at midnight? I don’t know. I don’t eat tacos at midnight. I eat vagina or cereal. Mostly cereal. Lots of cereal. Very little vagina. But it has happened. So yeah. Taco’s At Midnight are delicious!

Trader Joe's Chicken Breasts and Garlic Fries

So I got some chicken breasts and garlic fries from Trader Joe’s. Oh, its good! Julia N. made me the chicken breasts with seasoning and it was so damned good. The fries are regular fries but after they are done you put them in a container and pour the garlic packet on them. The packet is huge and you’d never need all of it. Maybe like 15% of the pack unless you don’t plan on kissing anyone for a few days. Between the chicken and the fries the total is about $10 and will make about five meals. You cant beat that deal!

Sushi Mac

About a month ago I went with Camille to this sushi place called Sushi Mac. Its over on Beverly and La Cienega and it was good. Cheap and good. She had been there plenty of times but this was my fourth sushi experience ever. I really liked it and got the same stuff as when I went with Julia C.
The dishes were like $3 each. The place is kinda small and you all sit in a circle and close to strangers. Tired of places trying to make people sit all close to each other. Not your friends but people you don’t even know.
Yes, that is Camille’s hand once again in the picture eating her professional sushi.

Nachos & Tequitos

Once again at the Grove here in Los Angeles me and Julia N. went to this place that I went to with Laura a while back called Loteria. At least I think that’s what its called. It was so good. Julia had never had tequitos before and really liked them. They had really good chicken (not that shredded chicken bullshit) and real guacamole.
We also ordered a plate of nachos with chicken. This plate was massive and we didn’t think we would be able to finish it. We did. We cleaned that damn plate and it was good literally till the last bite.

Cupcakes At The Grove

Last week me and Julia N. got some awesome ass cupcakes from The Grove. They have a ton of shops that have all kinds of stuff as I’ve mentioned before. These were kinda small but super good. Little pricey but whatever. When you want a damn cupcake you want a damn cupcake. We got vanilla, Oreo, red velvet, and peanut butter cup. Tasty!

Domino's Pizza

A few weeks ago I ordered some pizza from Domino’s. It was good. Hey have changed the taste of this and Pizza Hut so many times over the years that if I ate some from the early 90’s I probably wouldn’t even recognize it. I got the regular ass pepperoni and black olives. I don’t like messing around with my pizza too much. Keep it simple. Don’t use pineapples. Ever.
The chicken nuggets which they refer to as Chicken Kickers. They were good but nothing to like call your friends and scream over. Good but not great. It was close to $17 for this meal which lasted a few meals so its an okay deal for the price. Just stick with DiGiorno.