Sunday, October 6, 2013

L.A County Fair Food

Last weekend I went to the L.A County Fair in Pomona with Cam and Jen-Jen. We had a really good time, went on some fun coasters (click here to see that) and of course ate a lot of shit that if you ate on a normal basis would end with you on the news being pulled out of your house with a crane and lots of pointing children. Our mission was to eat things that were fried that should not be and we did that.

The fair is expensive. You spend $15 to park and $19 to get inside. Food costs a pretty penny as well. But whatever. We were on a mission. I got the deep fried Oreos and I liked them. There were four of them and they were very filling. Before that I had a foot long hot dog and a lemonade Slushee. The day was filled with me drinking lots of lemonade and Coke which I saved a buck on after buying a fair cup.