Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Championship Edition

Whenever I go of Ms. T and Mr. J’s house I think to myself “This is what I want to do when I grow up.” Each time I go over there we end up having fun conversations and amazing food. As me and Cam headed over there I was hungry as hell. Mr. J. knows how to make a powerful ass drink so he gave me a rum and Coke which made my stomach ask “What the hell is food?” Seriously, if he were a bartender everyone would go straight to him. So we all talked while waiting for the meals to finish and Cam saying I wasn’t finishing my drink fast enough. It was powerful, okay?!

Urth Caffe Downtown

Recently I went to Urth Caffe with Miss E. after it being mentioned multiple times about how good it was and how we had to go. Every time I hear about a place being healthy the first thing I think about is “What can I order that is as close to McDonald’s as it gets?” Yeah, its bad but whatever. So while driving I asked which location we were going to because we kept driving down Melrose until I could see Downtown Los Angeles in the distance. She said they have a Downtown location and I felt good knowing that my friend didn’t forget where we were going.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Surprise Thanksgiving

Every year (except in 2009 when I was poor) I have done a huge dinner the weekend after Thanksgiving for close friends and family. This year I have struggled with whether or not to do it. I had met some new people and wanted them to experience it but then again I realize that my job, though full time, isn’t year round. Another huge factor was/is the fact that out of all the people that I invited last year I talk to only two of them on a regular basis. Will I do a dinner? Eventually. But as for now, no. Its just not in me. But that all changed when my tattoo artist came by yesterday.

Joan's On Third Once Again!

Last Sunday I headed out to Joan’s On Third with Miss L. Yes, I know I had gone the day before for the first time but Miss L. had never been and I loved the place so I suggested we head there. It was raining like crazy and we could not find parking nearby but eventually we did at a meter and braved the weather. The line moved fast and we went halve-sies on a rib eye sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich. Miss L. also got a vegetable soup that she enjoyed. We sat outside as it rained near a heater and had a great time. I plan on going back next weekend and I’ll be sure to take more pictures. This time we both started eating and I said “Oh, yeah. I have a food blog…

Barbecue Pizza From Trader Joe's

Last week I grabbed a Trader Joe’s pizza. They have a lot of them there and I wanted to try out the barbecue chicken one. Damn, this thing is good! I had half of it and then realized that it was silly to try and save it till later. So I ate the rest of it. It’s a thin crust pizza which I normally do not enjoy but there’s so much chicken on it that I don’t mind. Its only about $4.99 which is pretty damn cheap for such a good little pizza.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joan's On Third

Yesterday Miss Fish and I went to this place called Joan’s On Third. I had to have passed this place hundreds of times and just never noticed it. I’m magical that way. Turns out she had worked there years ago and knew a few of the people that were still there. When we got there the place was super packed but it was fine because they kept the line moving really fast which was shocking because seriously, there was a lot of people there. I was still struggling to figure out what I wanted to get until it was time to actually order.

Oishi Sushi

A couple days ago me and Cam (whose hand has made multiple appearances in this blog) went to this sushi place called Oishi Sushi over in Beverly Hills. I’ve mentioned before that I am still getting into sushi and have tried about six places now and I tend to get the same meal each time. That didn’t change. I got my same meal. But I did try something new this time. We had tried to go to this place a few times but either we ran out of time or we wanted it too early in the day to get it. Last Friday was perfect so we went. But before that happened…

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here's The Beef...Bacon!

This exists! Its beef bacon. About a month or so ago someone told me that Trader Joe’s sold bacon. I thought they were just messing with me because everyone knows that I would chase a old lady with a steel chair for a couple pieces of bacon. But I went and sure enough they have a lot of different flavors of the stuff. I know I may sound like a fool because there are some foods that have been around forever and my friends and family just never told me about them or how good they are. Like fried turkey. Took me like 30 years before anyone told me how amazing it was. Jerks. Or pho. Turns out I was going right past these places and not knowing how great it was. If good food exists, tell me!