Thursday, November 29, 2012

Energy Drinks

After some recent deaths and even “spontaneous abortions” people have been coming down hard on energy drinks, particularly 5 Hour Energy. I for one am here to say that not only do I like the stuff, I’ll continue to support them. I first tried it last year when I was damn near close to passing out while transcribing. A chick that worked with me said that they worked so I headed down to the store and got one. It tasted like ass but in less than half an hour I felt well rested. Not all jittery like most energy drinks but like I actually slept well the night before.

There are plenty of energy drinks on the market. The most popular one is Red Bull. Even the name says “Things are about to get crazy!” If you want to annoy all your friends or co-workers knock back a few of these. If you want to look like an ass have it sugar free. By the way, sugar free? Red Bull? Just take a nap, granny. I’ve had this drink with vodka before which is like putting an axe at the end of a handgun. It seems like it would be cool until you actually try using it. And whatever you do don’t pour it into a glass. It looks like diseased urine.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buddha Belly Is Amazing

Last weekend me and Cam went to Buddha's Belly again. This place is just fantastic. Located near The Grove it is pretty easy to miss. I've mentioned before that I had passed it dozens of times and never noticed it. The way its set up is nice, the staff is awesome, and the food is great. We usually start off with chicken potstickers and we continued this trend. I almost forgot to take a picture since we dived into them as soon as they arrived.

In my attempt to continue trying new things at places I've been to a few times I thought that we should try the crab thingies. I forget what the name of these were but they were good. You have to be careful here since everything is big so you can get full easily.

Monday, November 26, 2012

More Numero Uno

About two weeks ago me and Cam went to Numero Uno. I forget how good this place is and each time we've been its been nice. I have been trying different things there so while Cam got her single pizza I tried the lemon chicken linguine. I expected chicken, like, cut up in the pasta but it was next to it. I also didn't expect it to taste so lemony! This is not a complaint. It tasted amazing but I thought maybe a lemon squeezed over it or maybe some juice on it. Nope. This was cooked in lemon or something and was so damned good. We also got those sweet dough balls as well. I took the rest of it home with me and as always it tasted just as if not better the next day.

Grown Man Meal

A few weeks ago I promised myself a home made meal. I don't make them as much as I used to and that is silly. Plus working on a show where all I do is watch food being made is a huge tease for my stomach so I told myself “We're having a big ass steak this weekend!” So while shopping at Target for new shoes I also bought some pants and almost forgot that they have, like, actual food at Target. So I picked up a huge steak for $8 and a couple of potatoes for mashing. Later that night I made a delicious steak and potatoes dinner that made me eleven kinds of happy. I think I will make this a weekly weekend thing. Have crap that lasts all week during the work week and a good meal at home on weekends. Hell, why not? I'm a grown ass man.