Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buddha Belly Is Amazing

Last weekend me and Cam went to Buddha's Belly again. This place is just fantastic. Located near The Grove it is pretty easy to miss. I've mentioned before that I had passed it dozens of times and never noticed it. The way its set up is nice, the staff is awesome, and the food is great. We usually start off with chicken potstickers and we continued this trend. I almost forgot to take a picture since we dived into them as soon as they arrived.

In my attempt to continue trying new things at places I've been to a few times I thought that we should try the crab thingies. I forget what the name of these were but they were good. You have to be careful here since everything is big so you can get full easily.

Next were our main courses. Cam got this big ass bowl of noodles. I didn't even notice there were noodles. I had a taste and I love the way it feels when it hits your mouthroof. It comes with some coconut cream in case you feel like crying because its too spicy and hot. I'm getting this next time even though I've had it before. It tastes that good.

I got this huge plate of food. I am trying to remember its name. Was it ginger rice? Maybe that's it. Sounds right. It had slices of grilled bell pepper, shrimp, and beef. It was good that day and even better the next. That's another great thing about this place. The food doesn't go bad the next day. I don't know why we wait so long in between going here.

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