Monday, November 26, 2012

Grown Man Meal

A few weeks ago I promised myself a home made meal. I don't make them as much as I used to and that is silly. Plus working on a show where all I do is watch food being made is a huge tease for my stomach so I told myself “We're having a big ass steak this weekend!” So while shopping at Target for new shoes I also bought some pants and almost forgot that they have, like, actual food at Target. So I picked up a huge steak for $8 and a couple of potatoes for mashing. Later that night I made a delicious steak and potatoes dinner that made me eleven kinds of happy. I think I will make this a weekly weekend thing. Have crap that lasts all week during the work week and a good meal at home on weekends. Hell, why not? I'm a grown ass man.

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