Saturday, October 27, 2012

Arclight Burgers

I went to see Argo with Cam a couple of weeks ago and we were both having the hunger. We could either see it at The Grove and fight with tourists for parking and deal with loud ass kids or we could see it at The Arclight with beautiful seats and no kids. So we went to the Arclight. We had about thirty five minutes before the movie and decided to eat there. Its cool because you write what time your movie starts and they make it faster I guess. She got a veggie burger and I got a regular one with fries. It was damned good! I was hankering for a burger since I have been living off pizza for weeks now. If you’re ever in the area get some food there. Less than $25 for a full meal and drinks for two folks. Or you can go to that creepy ass Jack In The Box that has carpet across the street.

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