Saturday, July 30, 2016


Yesterday Mala and me went to Grub for some food. She had never been before and this was my third time. I am always nervous about taking people to places for the first time because I worry that they wont like the food as much as me. That was not an issue this time. She loved everything we got and so did I. 

She got a Cobb Salad Ballad and crab cake. I did not try the salad but I did try the crab cake and it was good. We got a side of Crack Bacon and it was so good both of us could not talk. I also got the Crack Burger with cheese which damn near crippled me I was so full and it was so good. Mala had the idea to get some more of the bacon to go and add it to a donut which we did after seeing a movie and letting our food settle. We grabbed one from across the street and cut up the bacon and put it on top. It was so damned good! I love this place even though when we first got there and sat outside a leaf fell into her tea perfectly and a big ass bumble bee tried to assault her. We went inside after that.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Returning To Bunker Hill

Last week I went to Bunker Hill with Miss J. I had not been here for a few years according to this blog and tried some different stuff. We started with sushi (I forget what she had but I had shrimp tempura) and both were really good. We also got duck fries which had cheese and ducks cubes and tasted so damned good. I used chopsticks to eat them because I'm classy like that. There were also fajitas but I didn't get a picture of those because we started eating them. We went during happy hour so everything was a little cheaper. It was a lot of food and I don't think we finished all of it. I was super stuffed and had to let out a zombie moan to clear some space in my soul so I could walk later. Next time I am downtown I'm heading back here again just to get that burger and fries. I'll chill on everything else so I have the energy to run from the homeless folks.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Sushi Koo

Last week Cam and I went to Sushi Koo near The Beverly Center. It used to be called Sushi Mac years ago. This was one of the first places I went to multiple times when I first started eating sushi. Cam described it as the McDonald's of sushi places. I wouldn't say that. I'd say Carl's Jr. Its cheap, fast, but they have some good stuff. I like this place because the staff has always been cool and its a nice place to go after dealing with all of the lunatics at the mall which is why we rarely go because we try to avoid that area whenever possible. I got the tempura shrimp sushi and Cam got the fancy type ones. I don't know what kind. Don't ask. It was fun and we got to just sit and relax. It was a nice surprise meal.