Saturday, February 27, 2016

Laughing At Marix

JP and I went to Marix here in WeHo. I had been here once before but didn't actually look at the menu all that much. We were welcomed in and got to pick our seat. The place was super packed. We sat down and were brought some tortilla chips and salsa that JP loved. I should have had more but I wanted to make room for my burger. Yes, a burger. JP: “Only you would go to a Mexican restaurant and order a burger.” Dante: “Tex-Mex. Its Tex-Mex.” I got the Marix burger with bacon and cheese with fries and damn it was good.

JP got this crazy ass “Cubano” thing that had this steak that was awesome. The rice was good and I got to try chimichurri. Ooh, I loved it so much! Oh, and it had plantains! Versailles used to make really good ones but slipped and now I know I can come here for them and its down the street! Of course we ended up laughing like lunatics while talking. We ended up being there at the busiest part of the day and talked until it cleared out. The waiter was really cool and accommodating to us and I think he loved the fact that we were either laughing or smiling each time he came by. I'll definitely be coming back here.  

Tom Bergin's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Yesterday Cam and I went to Tom Bergin's on Fairfax. We had tried to go before but the place was closed. We parked right outside and got our asses to a comfy booth. We got some drinks (no pictures at the moment) and the fried chicken sandwiches. 

This sandwich is great (not my own picture). This was automatically added to my list of favorite fried chicken along with Poppy + Rose and Plan Check. The atmosphere of the place was cool and the service was good and fast. I'll definitely have to go back to this place again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Returning To The Counter

Yesterday after a failed attempt at another place Cam and I headed to The Counter over on Wilshire. I had stopped going for a while after going all the damned time because the service had dropped considerably but the last few times I've gone its been really good. We started with the Allagash White's because we're grown ass adults. She got the original style burger in turkey form I believe and I got the Korean BBQ burger. That thing is so damned good. We also got fries but we started plowing into them before I thought to even get a picture. It was President's Day so the place was filled with families and children. Like, an exorbitant amount of them. I was telling my cousin about this and how when I was little Taco Bell and McDonald's were a big deal. My parents never would have taken me to a place like this. No kid can appreciate a $10 burger I don't care what you say. We still enjoyed ourselves and had fun catching up.  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Homemade Fancy Macaroni And Cheese

The other day I went to hang out with Mrs. G. and we made some fancy ass macaroni. I'll include the ingredients so you can make it if you want. We also added a little extra and less of some things. We have been planning this for weeks and I am so glad that we got to make it. We rounded down our choices to two different types of macaroni and each had bacon because bacon is magic. We added turkey sausage and took out the massive amount of arugula that the ingredients called for because that vegetable smells like feet.

This ended up being a massive amount of food. We had seconds and possibly thirds of it. We may or may not have also made brownies. I have some of this in my fridge as leftovers and this is enough food for about ten people to have a good amount. This was not that hard to make especially with two people working on it. She bought the onions already diced so that saved a lot of time. The really cool thing about this is that you can taste every single ingredient inside of it. Thanks again, Mrs. G!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Republique On La Brea

After Poppy + Rose JP and I went to this place Republique on La Brea and 6th. She sent me a picture of this thing that looked like a S'more on crack and I was all in. We had to find parking because as my friend Cam would let you know parking is a bitch anywhere near that area. So we get there and walk up to the display case with what was left of the pastries. They had three of what I came for but it took a moment to spot them. Why? They was tiny! The picture we saw made them look like they were the size of my hand. They were tiny which turned out to be a good thing. I liked them alright but there was too much happening in them. JP didn't even want hers.

She got a carrot cake thing that was okay. I got a big cookie that smelled great but tasted like display case if that makes any sense. It tasted like whatever it was near. I also got a big donut that tasted like a Girl Scout Cookie. Nothing was mind blowing. It was all just okayish. No need to go back here.  

Poppy + Rose In Downtown

JP and I went to this place called Poppy + Rose located in downtown L.A. This is the first time we ventured from my area to grab something to eat and it was well worth it. This place is located a belch and a holler from Skid Row so be prepared for that. I sat on the little bench outside and when JP arrived we went straight to the counter and ordered. I got the Poppy Burger that was two quarter-pound patties, house coleslaw, bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, and house thousand island. It was...incredible. Pretty sure it made my top five favorite burgers. It was super good and if I were not in public it would have been a mess. I also got a side of fries and a Mexican Coke.

JP got the Fried Chicken Sandwich that had buttermilk-brined chicken thigh, house aioli, and house pickles. Imagine if Chik-Fil-A started making way better sandwiches. We share food because we love each other so she liked my burger and I liked her chicken sandwich. I'd definitely go back to this place again. The service was fast and the place is well spaced and bright. You should check it out for sure.