Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Returning To The Counter

Yesterday after a failed attempt at another place Cam and I headed to The Counter over on Wilshire. I had stopped going for a while after going all the damned time because the service had dropped considerably but the last few times I've gone its been really good. We started with the Allagash White's because we're grown ass adults. She got the original style burger in turkey form I believe and I got the Korean BBQ burger. That thing is so damned good. We also got fries but we started plowing into them before I thought to even get a picture. It was President's Day so the place was filled with families and children. Like, an exorbitant amount of them. I was telling my cousin about this and how when I was little Taco Bell and McDonald's were a big deal. My parents never would have taken me to a place like this. No kid can appreciate a $10 burger I don't care what you say. We still enjoyed ourselves and had fun catching up.  

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