Saturday, February 27, 2016

Laughing At Marix

JP and I went to Marix here in WeHo. I had been here once before but didn't actually look at the menu all that much. We were welcomed in and got to pick our seat. The place was super packed. We sat down and were brought some tortilla chips and salsa that JP loved. I should have had more but I wanted to make room for my burger. Yes, a burger. JP: “Only you would go to a Mexican restaurant and order a burger.” Dante: “Tex-Mex. Its Tex-Mex.” I got the Marix burger with bacon and cheese with fries and damn it was good.

JP got this crazy ass “Cubano” thing that had this steak that was awesome. The rice was good and I got to try chimichurri. Ooh, I loved it so much! Oh, and it had plantains! Versailles used to make really good ones but slipped and now I know I can come here for them and its down the street! Of course we ended up laughing like lunatics while talking. We ended up being there at the busiest part of the day and talked until it cleared out. The waiter was really cool and accommodating to us and I think he loved the fact that we were either laughing or smiling each time he came by. I'll definitely be coming back here.  

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