Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chin Chin Birthday

For my birthday I went to Chin Chin on Sunset with JP. I had not been here in years so I was happy to head there again. But first we saw Deadpool and laughed our asses off and I ate popcorn. We were able to be seated immediately and ordered five separate dishes. We got potstickers as well as wontons. Each were super hot. Not taste wise, but heat. That isn't a complaint, just a warning. For main dishes we got...let me see if I can remember the names.

General Tso, orange chicken, and some other chicken something. The two chicken dishes kind of tasted the same but were good and the steak one was a bit sweet. I enjoyed them but today when thinking about this they didn't have the ribs I remember getting here years ago. All of this food tasted better today. The location looks nice but you have to deal with a lot of near fatal accidents on Sunset and random aggressive homeless people. The staff is nice but they come to the table to check on you a little too often. I'm guessing we were checked on close to ten times. This isn't the kind of spot where you can just eat and chill for an hour talking. I still enjoyed myself and the food but again, it tasted even better today.

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