Thursday, August 20, 2015

Belcampo On 3rd

JP and I went to this place called Belcampo on 3rd St. I had never heard of this place but she had from a burger festival she had gone to this year. This place is hidden very well if they don't want business. I'm doing this review in the classic style to give a better idea of what this spot was like.

Atmosphere. Dull. They have good music though. Very small stools to sit on with no privacy whatsoever. No booths. Just really tiny, unstable tables where both plates and the bowl take up most of it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grub For Crack Bacon

JP and I hung out yesterday and we went to this place called Grub over on Santa Monica and Seward. Its kind of a weird spot because there are nothing but studios nearby and its on a quiet little side street. She had mentioned this place a while back so we headed there.

Parking was easy enough because we found a spot right near it. We sat outside for a moment until I heard a couple ask to be seated inside because of flies. I was like “Hell no” and asked to be seated inside as well. One thing you must know: it will take a while to get your food. I would bitch more about it if the food wasn't so good.