Thursday, August 20, 2015

Belcampo On 3rd

JP and I went to this place called Belcampo on 3rd St. I had never heard of this place but she had from a burger festival she had gone to this year. This place is hidden very well if they don't want business. I'm doing this review in the classic style to give a better idea of what this spot was like.

Atmosphere. Dull. They have good music though. Very small stools to sit on with no privacy whatsoever. No booths. Just really tiny, unstable tables where both plates and the bowl take up most of it.

Service. No one seemed happy to be there. Next door there was some food spot where there was a line out the door. This place had two others guys in there. The server/cashier seemed like she would rather be doing anything than taking our order. I didn't notice the cooks but my cousin did and said they seemed out of it or bored. Service usually reflects the food. Its very rare to have shitty service and great food.

Location. Like I said, this place is hidden very well. We found it on accident while heading to Panini Cafe. This entire area has shitty parking. You can't park on the side streets because it is permit parking and the lots where this place is has three parking spots. You have to hoof it to park and get here. I had to Google where this place was just to write this review and I was just there.

Food. Its ugly. When we placed our order we were told how small the patties were so we both got a double. It came wrapped in paper and when I took it out I was still surprised at how small it was. The bun they use is not strong enough to handle the amount of sauces used. There was a lot of stuff on this thing and by the time I was done I could've used a spoon to eat it. We both ate our food but there was no happy dancing like at Grub. The fries were tiny like the ones you have left over after eating the main ones. The food was just okay. I don't need to ever come back here.

Price. The price was fine. Less than $30 for both of us but considering how not fun it was its too much. Less than $20 should have been the price.

Grade: C+

We ended up walking to Carmela again afterward. I tried the mint flavor and it was incredible and totally wrecked me. I can't eat regular ass mint chip ice cream again. JP got to vanilla bean and toffee topping. I wish I could ship it to her. When then went to Panini Cafe to take some food home.

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