Saturday, January 22, 2011

Addicted To The Counter

Last week I went to The Counter. This was a new location over on Wilshire near the La Brea Tar Pits. They replaced that punk ass Koo Koo Roo that had been there for years polluting the world with the saltiest chicken this side of the mythical ocean foul. I got a 1/3 pound burger with bacon, grilled onions, and a side of sauce I cant pronounce. I love this place.  I have now been to three locations and each one has been consistent in its goodness. On the side I got the half and half of regular fries and sweet potato. My ass just ate and already this picture is making me hungry.


Marshmallow Pebbles exist. Its weird. I have a feeling that they did at some other point in time and I just forgot about them.  Maybe it was Marshmallow Rice Krispies which were around when I was little and made terrible treats out of. These taste good but are hallow if that makes any sense. They aren’t as filling as Fruity Pebbles (which I have two boxes of waiting for me in the kitchen!). If you like cereal like I do and you like sugar the way I like sugar you will love this.

Natalee Thai


Tonight I went with my friend to this place I have heard about for years but never went to. There’s only two locations so of course I go to the one furthest from me because that’s how I roll, son! Natalee Thai is this place, like I said, I have known about for years but never got a chance to try. It was way better than I imagined it would be and I am glad I now have a third Thai place to go to.

I started with a 7Up and their shrimp and chicken wontons. I am used to getting either big and almost empty wontons or small and super hard ones. These were big and filling. I mean you could seriously just order these and be fine. But since I was used to tiny ass ones I figured that’s what I’d get. I was wrong. These were really good and they used actual shrimp, not shrimp paste.

For the main meal I got the chicken pad se ew (this was taken after I already started inhaling it). Oh, this is good. It tastes very similar to the place I go to on Hollywood in Thai Town. Very large portion and enough for two or more people. I didn’t even get halfway done with it on account of those damned wontons I shoveled into my mouth. Also, I need to point out that they weren’t all greasy like some places make them which takes away from the experience of eating it.

If you get a chance to head to Natalee Thai I suggest you do. Good atmosphere, decent prices, and fast service. Unless you want a refill. Then you may have to wait a while.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sammi's Thai

Me and Cam headed to this Thai place near me for dinner the other day. I love this place and I rarely go there when I’m at home. I’ve actually had it more often when hanging with Cam than ever alone or whatever. After that whole debacle with that place Kinaree, Sammi’s Thai and King & I are the only places I will be getting my Thai from for the time being.

I started off with a big ass Thai iced tea. You know how I roll. I only got one since I was behaving myself. It was fine because they give you a big ass cup of it. And it was all kinds of sweet!
I got the fried wontons for a starter. I love how different places make these things different ways. These have pork but all you can really taste is the super crunchiness. They are good.
Cam got the vegetable fried rice. No, I did not eat it. But I did get some of her garlic chicken. Damn, that was good! I should have eaten some more but I knew my dish would be big. At least I hoped so. Otherwise Cam wouldn’t have had any leftovers!
I got the lemon chicken. I always get the pad thai (chicken or beef) but decided to try something new. This is me expanding my horizons. This was so damn good! It came with this sauce to dip it in that made the flavor just jump out at you. I’m so glad that I gave this a shot. I’ll definitely be ordering this the next time I head here. So check out Sammi’s Thai on Santa Monica Blvd.

Dorito's Flamas!

Dorito’s Flamas. That’s all I should write. I just got some of these from the store and did a double take when I saw them. I thought it was just some new package for them or something. Nope. These are brand ass new. I made the mistake of trying one with nothing to drink nearby. I popped one in my mouth and damn near spit it out. Its hot. Now, I eat Flamin’ Hot chips like they were bubblegum. No problem. But these are past hot. These are spicy, hot, and damn near uneatable. Wow. I am shocked that is a real word. Anyway, I don’t plan on buying these again. I mean, I’ll finish this bag but there’s no need to eat these again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wood Ranch Bar & Grill

After seeing an awesome film (which you can check out reviews for at me and Cam headed to this place called Wood Ranch Bar & Grill. This spot is over at The Grove and I have passed it an assload of times and never went inside. I would smell it and be like “Wow, that smells good…” but never ventured inside. Tonight we did and I’m so glad. We started off with this macaroni which tasted good. Nothing to write mama about but better than average. They also had these rolls that were super good but needed to be eaten immediately lest they get hard.
I was this close to eating a burger (my staple at most places I try for the first time) but decided to get a chicken sandwich. This place has ribs and stuff but I hate eating barbecue like that in public. You who have eaten with me know I use napkins and act all polite but when I eat at home alone I’m a fucking animal. Why lie? I eat like a beast when I’m by myself. Anyhoot, the sandwich was very good and had a surprising mixture on it. A hot mustard sauce, bell peppers, and grilled onion on a whole wheat bun. Very tasty. The prices are about average for a spot like this and you will have something to take home. Unless you’re Cam and order a salad with old lettuce and mystery avocados. I also ordered fries with the meal and some very good strawberry lemonade. I got three or four refills and the waiter was on that shit. It was awesome. Check this place out next time you’re at The Grove.

New Year's Feast

So last night I attended Camille’s wonderful New Year’s dinner and this is the aftermath. Let me preface this by saying that the night before I had drank a bottle  of wine, two shots of liquor, and at a friends house had about four beers. So the next day I was all kinds of hungry but didn’t wanna spoil my appetite so I ate lightly during the day because I knew Cam was cooking some awesome ass food.

Besides the tipsy rum cake I mentioned in a previous blog she made black eyed peas, chicken, some hot stuff for some friend yucca (tasted like fries to me), and some really good yellow rice she makes that I love eating. There was also pie and cheesecake. I love this annual event because I know I’ll be eating good food and hanging out with some cool people that day. As soon as I get home I’m thinking about the next one a year from now. I have already started planning with friends gatherings so we can all eat and have fun.

Tipsy Rum Cake

So Camille made her tipsy rum cake. Then she made one just for me! Yes! I love this thing. It has nuts and rum and goodness and it tastes good every time I have it. I feel all lucky that she made one for me and cant wait to plow into this thing. One year she made it and I actually got lit from eating it. That’s when I officially started calling it Drunk Cake. I had some and was like, “Wooooooo!!!” I know most of you reading this will never get to taste it. But trust me, its great. If you don’t have a friend that can cook then you have a responsibility to be that friend. I’m just saying.