Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mama's & Papa's Once Again

A few days ago I was able to head to Mama & Papa's again, this time with my cousin J. I wanted to try their Philly steak sandwich after seeing it on the menu last time as well as a new flavor of pizza. I seriously love this place. The staff is cool, the restaurant is close to my apartment, and the prices aren't ridiculous. 

I believe J. got the Aro pizza while I got the steak sandwich that came with fries as well as the Mexican pizza. The sandwich was really good and filling and I'll be getting it again. 

The Mexican pizza was good and had my mouth watering. This is probably my favorite flavor from here now. The jalapenos were hot but very good. They caught me off guard because I'm used to places using ones that are just kinda hanging there for flavor. We also went to Plan Check the next day and chowed down on some great bacon burgers and fries. It was a good weekend.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mrs. Prindable's Pink Lady Candy Apples

My mother got me some candy apples and I need to thank her for ordering them and my cousin Mala for bringing them. These things are the truth. I gave some to my cousin and to Cam. There are twelve in a box and three of each flavors. 

The company that makes these is Mrs. Prindable's and they are called Pink Lady Apples. The flavors are dark chocolate chips and butterscotch chip, milk chocolate chips sea salt toffee almond, triple chocolate chip, and milk chocolate chip peanut butter. I am gonna eat another right now since I have so many left. Want one?  

Isa Japanese Noodle, Sushi, and Curry on La Brea

Cam and I went to Isa Japanese Noodle, Sushi, and Curry on La Brea the other day. She said that this place is fairly new so we checked it out continuing a year where I've had a lot of new food which is always fun. They have parking but we parked right out front on the street. We weren't even sure if the place was opened because the windows are so dark.

Cam ordered this tofu soup thing. I didn't try it since tofu jacks my stomach up something fierce. Speaking of which, she also got this octopus dish that made her stomach hurt. We tried to find the word to describe it and “rich” was what we came up with. I liked it but one was enough for me since I had the crunch shrimp roll. It was good but ha a bit too much sweet sauce. It tasted like strawberry yogurt. The chicken and rice was great though. I got a giant bowl and between this an the sushi I was super full. Well, I did come home and eat some candy apples which I'll be writing about in a moment. This was a nice little place. The waitress was nice and the food was good. Cam also got a fried rice dish that took a while to get but was worth it. I didn't get a picture of it but it was good.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plan Check Once Again

Mama Lukes and I went to Plan Check today. I don't get to see her often so when she said she wanted to try something good I asked what she was in the mood for. She said a burger or sandwich. It was between Food Fair by Diego and Plan Check. She'd never been to either but between the two I'll almost always pick Plan Check. We headed there, found parking, and went inside. I got the Bleuprint Burger which has smoked blue cheese, pig candy, fried onions, roasted garlic steak sauce, peppercress (?), with fries, and a Sprite. I'd never had this one and it was so damned good. We split our burgers so we got to try each. Both of them were very good.

This was a lunch special so it was even cheaper than usual. ML got the Chefs Favorite Burger which had cheese two ways, bacon two ways, ketchup leather, sunny fried egg, and hot sauce. That one tasted good as well. She did not have the fried egg which I've never had either because I can't eat eggs sunny fried. The cheese two ways is melted cheese and this kinda fried, wafer type cheese. She liked her meal as much as I did and I was glad. I hate taking someone to a place they have never tried and they hate it or think of three other places that are better. I'll be heading back here again soon enough. I still haven't had a chance to try their drinks which are supposed to be incredible.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tatsu Ramen and El Diner

I got to go to two new food places last week. The first place is a ramen spot over on Melrose right before La Brea. It is called Tatsu and we went on a Friday night and the place was packed. I'm talking line to the door packed. Thankfully the food is made pretty quickly and you order your food in line through a few tablets. The place clears out as fast as it fills up so we were able to get a seat at the window inside. Each of us got soul ramen. Koko got the one with an egg in it while I did not. You can pick how much garlic, the type of broth, and how spicy or strong you want it. There are even vegan options if you want. I'm gonna try this place again for sure and since they deliver that makes this more likely.

The next place I went to was El Diner with Cam. This place is right next to the El Rey theater on Wilshire. We went here before a show and since she had been here before and said they were good I wanted to try it. Again. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find good Mexican food in Los Angeles. Everyone has their favorite but most are not that good. This place was good but if I could suggest anything it would be more of everything. I got a chicken burrito that was good but just needed more everything but rice. The cheese, salsa, and sour cream were all on one end and not much. It was good but I would've liked more. The guacamole and chips were really good and I'd love a big ass plate of those.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mama's And Papa's Pizza Again

I went back to Mama & Papa's in West Hollywood. Last time I went with my cousin Mala but this time it was with Cam. She'd never been there before and what made the fact that I was going again is that I had leftover pizza in my fridge and when I got into the car with her she asked what we should go and eat I responded “Anything but pizza.” She then said she wanted to try this place and there are certain restaurants that if you offer I can't say no. So we parked and walked on down there.

When we arrived and checked out the menu I saw that there was way more there than I noticed the first time. They have chicken, sandwiches, and breakfast food. Are you a fan of breakfast food? I am. So I am gonna have to try theirs out. I ordered the barbecue and chicken pizza and it is so weird how different fresh food tastes when you aren't used to eating it. This damned thing was just so good. Most times I eat pizza with chicken it tastes like everything was just chucked on there and baked all at once. Not here. All fresh.