Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Burgers, Beers, And Donuts

A couple of weeks ago Cam and I went to Stout over on Sunset after watching Fences (which is a great film by the way). I had not been to this place is a long ass time. I forgot how inexpensive this place is. I got the Stout burger. I forget what type of burger Cam got but it was turkey and she enjoyed it. We both just sat there watching people park badly, talking about the great film, and enjoy really good food. I wanna go back to this place again very soon because even just looking at the pictures is making me hungry. The staff here is good, the beer is good (meaning effective), and we were able to get seating immediately.

This past weekend I went to Father's Office with JP. She had never been here before and this was my third trip. We each got burgers and fries which were good. We arrived right when they were opening so the place was not as loud or packed as it has been the previous times I've been here.