Monday, May 29, 2017

Baby Blue's And Fritzi Coop

Today I headed to Baby Blue's over here in West Hollywood because its Memorial Day and my mother said the word “barbecue” one too many times. Bludso's is a little too far for my lazy ass so I called my order in. I ordered a Bacon Blue Stuffed Burger, fries, a hotlink, banana pudding, and Kool-Aid. I asked for a roll since they have no buns of anything for the hotlink and they gave me cornbread. I should say “cornbread.” I'll get to that in a moment. The burger was good but I couldn't taste this “stuffed” aspect of it. Just a good burger. Not amazing. Just good. The Kool-Aid was good. I won't order the fries again. They were cold less than five minutes later by the time I got home.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

So Long Panini Cafe

About a month ago I went to Panini Cafe with Cam and then less than a week later JP told me that they were closed down. I didn't believe her because the place has been good every time I had it and they showed no signs of closing. Well, just like we did with ICDC I wanted proof so we drove by and the windows were all covered up. I was pissed. This spot had so many different dishes and things that I never got to try and now I'll have to head downtown to get it and screw that. Downtown L.A sucks. I was telling Cam that I should start talking to small business owners anywhere near me that plan on opening a spot because there is a series of questions I would ask them before they decided to start running but those answers would likely keep them from doing so in the first place.

As good as Panini Cafe is the worst thing about it was parking. Crescent Heights and 3rd is a bad location to have to stop. Hell, even if you park it may have to be closer to Fairfax or you'll have to decipher the parking signs. Places come and go really fast near me so if there is a new place chances are it will be gone within a year because of lack of customers or high rent. That is why those places you pass and never see anyone inside but are oven ten years old stay. There is rent control over here. If I look at the food posts I have done there are a lot of places that I had a really good meal at with great service that don't exist anymore and it sucks.  

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Plan Check Linkin Park Meal

This past Tuesday JP and I headed to Plan Check over on Fairfax to grab some food and hunt for donuts. #RIPICDC. If you wanna hear us talk about this and other nonsense click here. A few days before that she had sent me a link showing this new meal that Linkin Park had at Plan Check that had five things for $39. I looked at it and was like “meh.” I like Linkin Park and have about three or four of their albums but wasn't sure about paying that much for what looked like a tiny dish. Well, I was very wrong. Its a lot of food and well worth it. Plus you get a damned t-shirt! Thankfully JP is not a fan of the band so she let me have the shirt.

You get a mandarin and black cheery cream soda which tastes good. There are also kimchi dusted fries which were very good and I wish they would just keep it on the menu and not for a limited time. There is a ahi tuna tostada which I tried one tiny piece of so I cant say how good it was or not. I'm not a fish expert. I tend to eat it fried with hot sauce. There was the Korean barbecue pork belly grilled cheese which was so good! It was way bigger than I expected as well. JP mentioned that while it had a lot of sauce and business going on it was not soggy at all. And for dessert there is a OML cruller. It has pineapple, yuzu air (whatever that is), coconut glaze, and a chocolate disc with a pineapple. JP was able to cut this thing with a spoon. It was super light and a new taste. Most of these are definitely worth getting a la carte.