Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back At Good Girl Dinette

Cam and I were once again far from home thrift shopping and decided to go to this place called Good Girl Dinette over in Highland Park. We were trying to think of what to eat and I asked her what was nearby and she said this was and I had flashbacks to that awesome ass sandwich I had last time and fries. We were able to easily find parking right across the street where the meters still give half an hour for a quarter and got seated immediately. This place isn't super fast so don't go starving. They are fast enough though and the staff is nice. We got the caramelized ginger chicken wings and I got the house made orange soda which is pretty damned good.

For the meal Cam got the curry pot pie to go (takes half an hour so order early) and for meals we both got the banh-mi sandwiches. I had the slow roasted pork shoulder and I believe she got the chicken. Our orders came with a side of those really good garlic fries. They are super garlic by the way so be prepared to taste it for a while. I ended up getting another order with my fat ass. I really like this place and look forward to going again.