Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zico Coconut Water Fail

I'm not a huge drinker of coconut water. Most times it tastes like nothing to me or has so much pulp that it feels like I'm drinking sea monkeys. So today before work instead of my usual Gatorade I decided to give this Zico coconut water a try. I'd seen it plenty of times and they seem to have a loyal fan base. I got to work and cracked the bottle open and took a whiff. It smelled weird but it wasn't like I was hoping for something like “Ooh, this is gonna be scrumptious!” Its friggin' coconut water. I took a swig and wanted to spit it out immediately. It tasted like melted butter. Now, butter is great. It makes most things taste better, but by itself its gross. Like cinnamon. I tried to force myself to finish the bottle but it just wasn't happening. And at almost two bucks a bottle it should at least be palatable. I'll continue hunting for coconut water that doesn't taste like it should be spread on toast.