Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheetos Puffs Honey BBQ

On a trip to the liquor store while having a damned "Chip Fit" (those random moments when your brains points out the fact that you haven’t eaten any chips in a while) I saw this bag of Cheetos that that looked unfamiliar. I grabbed a bag and it turns out they were Cheetos Puffs Honey BBQ. I didn’t touch them for a day (instead eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) but once I did I was in the love. These huge ass things are delicious. Don’t eat these looking for the taste of cheese though. Its all about the honey and barbecue.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Burger Kitchen On 3rd

There is this place called Burger Kitchen on 3rd Street. Neither Cam or I had ever been and randomly decided to go. Finding parking could’ve been hard but it wasn’t. We got to the place and walked into a very dark and very quiet restaurant. It was Friday night and this place was dead. All the other places nearby had a bunch of people and it sounded so fun. Maybe we should have gone to one of those places instead. We sat down and were greeted. There was a giant wall for writing in chalk. Cam leaned against it getting chalk on her sweater.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Foreign Potato Chips

Cam recently got back from South America and since she is the best woman to ever live she brought some snacky nyum-nyums for me to try. They were chips and I was excited because they were two flavors I had never tried before. I’ll start with the first one which was from Walker’s (part of Frito Lay’s). It was Pollo flavored and when I opened the bag I said “It smells like Chicken McNuggets.” I popped one in my mouth and immediately my tongue said “No! No! What the…?! Why are you doing this to me?!” It tasted like someone had taken a Vienna sausage, let it dry, mashed it flat, and put it in a bag. Instinctively my tongue shoved it between my gums and my cheek. Cam had one or two and put them down. These things were the devil and I cant see how anyone could eat these and enjoy them. They taste like fresh ass.