Monday, December 19, 2011

Burger Kitchen On 3rd

There is this place called Burger Kitchen on 3rd Street. Neither Cam or I had ever been and randomly decided to go. Finding parking could’ve been hard but it wasn’t. We got to the place and walked into a very dark and very quiet restaurant. It was Friday night and this place was dead. All the other places nearby had a bunch of people and it sounded so fun. Maybe we should have gone to one of those places instead. We sat down and were greeted. There was a giant wall for writing in chalk. Cam leaned against it getting chalk on her sweater.

The waiter brought a checklist kinda like The Counter does. They don’t have as many choices so it looked rather weak. I ordered a bacon burger and fries and Cam got a turkey burger with fried pickles. It took a while for the food to arrive but at least the waiter refilled my Sprite many times. About ten minutes in Cam noticed that the other four people that were there with us were now gone. There was just us and the two guys working there…and their laptop. This will come back later. Too bad we wont.

Atmosphere. Dark. So dark. They had the lights turned way down. I like eating in places that are dim, but damn. And when I do its at places where I have to use a knife and fork. Not a burger joint. The chalkboard on the wall is a good novelty but not at the expense of having it on your clothes. How about raising it up a foot or two? The chairs were weird. You can choose between regular wooden chairs or a backless bench. They have a TV but its high up in the corner on the other side of the room. The music was all over the place and not good.

Location. If this place were popular it would suck to come here. Places on 3rd are hard as hell to park at. It’s a miracle that we found parking as fast as we did since the streets are all permit. So your choices are praying for a spot, getting lucky, or finding valet.

Service. The service started off just fine. The waiter was there for refills and to ask if everything was fine. But after we were served it was like they didn’t give a fuck anymore. There were five minute gaps where no one was to be found. It felt like we went to someone’s house and they fed us and ran away. After we got our check and paid the two guys stayed on their laptop and didn’t even give us change. They assumed the leftover money was for them I guess. As soon as we stood up to leave they started turning lights out and couldn’t wait for us to leave. Way to make people feel welcome! Maybe next time (which there wont be) say “Pardon me, but we’ll be closing soon. Would you mind…leaving?

Food. The burgers, fries, and fried pickles were good. The soda was a bit flat but I was thirsty and didn’t care. Cam and I both said the same thing. The food was good, not amazing, but we decided as we were leaving that we were never gonna come back here.

Price. The pricing was pretty fair. About $12 total for the burgers with all the toppings and sides with drinks. This place wasn’t terrible, but I cant think of another new place that made me feel unwelcome and just weird. This wasn’t like “Oh, at least my friend felt differently.” No. She felt the same. I wont suggest this place to anyone as long as there are places like Joan’s On Third, Toast, and Swinger’s around.

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