Friday, September 10, 2010

A Toast To Toast

This is the awesome ass burger I got with sweet potato fries. I am now obsessed with these kinda fries.


I went to Toast on 3rd with Camille last week I think. I love this place and never would’ve gone here if she hadn’t taken me. Its one of those places where depending on when you go its either super packed or almost empty. I prefer the latter. I hate eating in crowded places. I know most time when people see a crowded place they feel the need to jump in line and check it out. I’m the opposite. I like quiet eating and not feeling rushed because dozens of people have their faces pressed against the glass and glaring at me waiting for me to finish my meal. Check out Toast. Just not when its busy.


Ms.Pre"L" said...

Yes, that is a terrible feeling!

Dante Ross said...

When waiters or whatever act like that I will not hesitate for a moment to drop that tip to almost nothing.