Thursday, September 30, 2010

All About The Bread


Yesterday Julia C. and I went to this place over here on Melrose near La Brea called All About The Bread. I had never heard of this place even though its really not that far from my house. We head there in this blazing ass heat and grabbed some delicious ass sandwiches. I got the special of the day, a honey lime something or other chicken sandwich.


Oh, it was good! It was so good! Julia got a different sandwich that she said was a bit salty perhaps because of the pickles but I had some and still liked it. The prices were not ridiculous and the bread had a cheese baked into it that made it just so good. I got a Orangina and Sprite to drink. Those sandwiches were 85% crippling. We could barely move our asses afterwards. I say if you can give this place a try. It is really good.


Jackie S. said...

I love bread,,,num num num!

Dante Ross said...

You'd really love this place. I'm gonna have to go again soon.