Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

This past Sunday I went to a farmer’s market with Ms. L. It was pretty damned groovy. I have only been to these type of places a few times and each time I feel totally lost. I don’t know anything about fruits and vegetables. Every time I see vegetables that I have never seen before an actual question mark floats over my head.


Ms. L. was pretty good with getting me to try some fruits. I even had a, what did she call it, damn I forget. It was some kind of cucumber. It was supposed to be sweeter than regular ones but my tongue was like “Damn you, Dante!” I tried this delicious peach and got a couple of them. Ms. L. gave me a plum and some apples and I have eaten all of them. I have an avocado that I am eyeballing and trying to figure out what to do with.


I also got this ham and cheese crepe. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. Ms. L. got this way better breakfast thing that had Hillshire Farm sausage. I love me some Hillshire Farm sausage and had to keep from eating her food up! If it had more cheese maybe it would’ve been better.


Jackie S. said...

Best way to eat an avocado, eat it with a little salt and a squirt of lemon or lime...yum!!!

Dante Ross said...

Oh, cool! Ms. L. actually gave me a lime and I have salt. I am gonna tear that thing up!