Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying New Things

For those of you that don’t know, I am not an adventurous person. You will never hear me say “I’ll try anything once!” Some call me stubborn. I call them people who just met me. Last weekend I hung out with Julia C. at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to catch a flick (“Wild Style”).


Each time we have gone to these films Julia C. manages to bring something I have never had before. Last time it was this sweet bread that was like a giant ass pastry that gave me wood. This time it was bread, some kinda seaweed and rice stuff (that tasted meaty though it wasn’t), these amazing (!!!) mushrooms, this kind of lemon like seasoned stuff we used to dip the bread in, and great cheese.

I was full by the time the film started.


Jackie S. said...

It looks like greek /middle eastern food: Tabbouleh, wrapped grape leaves and hummus...whatever it was it all sounds good!

Besides life is too short to eat the same thing everyday :)

Dante Ross said...

Dont be telling me its too short for the same thing when I lived off hotdogs for the last three weeks.

Jackie S. said...

What? I mean, I love hotdogs as much as the next person, but DAMN!

Dante Ross said...

I try to be thrifty so when I do eat out (dont be nasty) I enjoy it even more.