Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back At Toast

I went to Toast with my cousin today. It was so awesome. It felt weird not seeing Camille sitting there across from me since every single time I have been it was with her. My cousin had never had it before and I couldn’t take her to The Counter again. Gotta try new things, you know?


This is a picture of her burger. I took one of mine but it turned out to be a video. Yeah. I’m special like that sometimes. I go a regular burger with a side of ranch dressing. Cousin got a burger with cheese (“I gotta have cheese on my Whopper!”) with bacon and “smashed” potatoes. Yes, smashed. She liked her meal and that was cool. I thought about going to Umami Burger but they have been getting some bad reviews lately. And the last time I went they didn’t even have any drinks. I shit you not. No drinks. Just water. Toast is a really cool place to eat as long as you don’t go on the weekend. I read a bunch of reviews and the ones that are bad are from two years ago and sound like bitter actors.

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