Wednesday, April 27, 2011


You like brownies? You like ice cream? What? You don’t? Then get the hell off my blog! So while I drank my chocolate martini me and Mr. L. got this big ass brownie with a hunk of vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzled on top. It was good and hot with the ice cream on top. Oh, it was amazing! And the Arclight Theater! What?!

Chocolate Martini

I had a chocolate martini. No, it wasn’t on a dare. I was feeling a bit adventurous which I rarely do with booze. I like to stick with simple things like Jack and Coke, pure vodka, or tequila with a splash of something and ice. This thing was amazing and very booze filled. And I got it at the freaking Arclight Theater! I wasn’t even there to see a movie. Just drink and eat sweets! Don’t judge me.

The Bowery On Sunset

Last week I went to The Bowery with Ms. L. I had never been here but had heard of it. Nothing good or bad. Just heard of it. In my ever growing quest to try more and more burgers we headed there. I got a Bowery Burger which had fresh lettuce, tomato, these tiny ass pickles, and a side of aioli sauce. I love that stuff. The burger was served on a English muffin and upon first glance seems very small but then you realize that the patty is a friggin’ inch thick! Yeah. If you go with another person get one order of fries since it so damned big. I also got a Jack Daniels on ice (more ice than Jack sadly…). I liked this place and will head back again.