Saturday, April 30, 2016

In & Out After A While Away

My cousin JP and I went to In & Out earlier this week early in the day before recording a show (click here to check that out). I had not been here in a long time. Usually because the crazy long lines and I tend to think of going here while on the way to some other place and passing it. We were there before 11am so there wasn't a crazy amount of people. Just a cute, tiny cashier that rang us up and some clumsy mofo that spilled his drink all over the floor. We got double double's and I got some fries. This place is good. I know that sounds silly to say if you've been here but they are. Its a good in between place when you don't wanna spend Plan Check money but don't want to punish yourself with Burger King.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You Like Breakfast Foods?

The past few weekends I've been getting breakfast in the afternoon with folks. The first is from Vee's Cafe over on Adams with Cam. After checking some places out we were trying to think of where to go. We had visions of chicken sandwiches in our heads but the idea of a good breakfast won. We got the Hauser scramble which is eggs, black beans, cheese, and turkey bacon. I got mine with no beans because I don't like beans. There was also toast with some really good jam. We also got big ass espressos because we are adults and can do things like that.

The next weekend JP and I went to IHOP. I had not been here since last year I guess. We both got the breakfast sampler which is such an odd name for such a big meal. It has two pancakes, two eggs, hash browns, ham, bacon, and sausage. Later after recording a show where the audio didn't come out we headed to Carmella's for some green tea ice cream for me and she got a new pine nuts and...something. I can't remember and she is too busy partying to respond to my request for the flavor. I had fun two week in a row eating with a few of my favorite people.