Friday, December 31, 2010


Last night I had a dinner with my friends Michelle, Julie, and Heidi. We had everything. Ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, lots of wine, brussel sprouts (which I actually ate a tiny bit of), and pastries. Heidi brought a box of pastries! There was red velvet cupcake, tres leches, mango cheesecake something or other, chocolate cupcake, and some other stuff that I was too full to touch. I even made a banana cream cheesecake that is sitting in my fridge untouched. The red velvet cupcake was freaking amazing! Its my new addiction and I like it. The best part about the icing was that it was fluffy. It wasn’t that thick and cake icing like that’s hard to eat. I just wish I could remember where she got it from. Yeah. Be real nice if I could remember.

Tomato Pie On Melrose

Last week me and Cam got out of the movies (where I didn’t get my normal staple of Milk Duds, popcorn, and soda) we were hungry. Yes, we had eaten at Toast prior to going to the movies but for some reason both of us were craving something. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted. She wanted something salty. I kept dirty jokes to myself. I wanted something and didn’t know what. We ended up going to this place called Tomato Pie across the street from the hell hole known as my former high school. Damn, this place was good! We got a slice of barbecue chicken pizza and it actually tasted like one. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. But most places that makes barbecue chicken pizza really mean “Hey, this is 90% tomato sauce and some barbecue sauce mixed in. Sorry…” Its on Melrose near Fairfax and you should go there if you want. Good prices, cool staff, fun music, and its tiny as hell.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

All About Stuffin'

Another holiday season another season for me to make my stuffing! I learned this recipe years ago and have learned to mess around with it since then trying different breads to see how it goes. Last year I made it for two people and didn’t get a damned bite so I made it twice this year and stuffed my damn self. The ingredients are mushrooms, celery, onions, mushroom soup, egg, milk, butter, three breads (don’t matter which ones as long as one is marbled rye), and the most important ingredient…sage. I love this stuff and my friends did as well when we all ate it last week.

In & Out Y'all

If you don’t like In & Out you can go straight to hell. That’s how I feel about this place. I don’t go often but when I do I appreciate their good food and the fact that they don’t mess with their menu. You wont find a chicken sandwich here. You wont get a nice fish and chip dinner. Just burgers and fries and a shake if you feel like it. That’s it. I usually go to the one up on Sunset there are only two things to expect there at any time of the day: Long lines or fucking long lines. Its worth the wait though. They actually make the food right then and there and its hot when you get it. Eat the fries fast though. Those damn things get cold fast! My friend doesn't have this place in Texas and always makes sure to get it when she's here. Payback for us not having a damned Chic-Filet.

Island's Burger

Last week I went to Island’s in Malibu. I hadn’t been to this place since the 90’s and the last time I went I didn’t enjoy it all that much. So when my friend Sophia said that we were heading their to hang out with her friend I was like “Aw, man…” We got there and I ended up ordering the Malibu Burger (naturally) which had cheese and bacon. Damn, it was good! They have really upped their burger game since the last time I went. They also have unlimited fries which taste great. The wait staff was good and filled up my drink three times which is my minimum. Everyone that has ever eaten with me knows that. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. They’re all over the place.