Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back At Stout

I went to Stout in Hollywood with Cam this afternoon. We didn’t have that much time before seeing a movie (which you can read a review for here) and wanted something nearby. She had never gone to this place and I hadn’t been back since going with The Engineer so we parked at The Arclight and walked the block or so. We found a table immediately which was cool because the place was over half full. We got our menus and tried to figure out what burgers and beer to get. They have a lot of beers and I’m no expert on booze. I just wanted something that had a lot of alcohol and picked something with 14% because I’m a grown ass man.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Remember Sizzler?

Last week me and Cam…I really go out to eat with her a lot, don’t I? Anyhoot, we ended up going to Sizzler. I say “ended up” because I had shrimp on my mind for a couple of weeks and we decided to head to Penguin’s, that cool fish, shrimp, and chips place. So we drive over and they’re closed. They’re not open on Sundays?! We had no idea and just stared at each other. I was gonna get some shrimp, damn it. That was all I could think of. I wanted to jump out the car and scream to the heavens. Cam suggested IHOP but they don’t have the kinda shrimp I wanted. Next was either Denny’s or Sizzler. I settled on Sizzler.

We got there and got our tables and orders quickly. I got the all you can eat shrimp and fries while Cam got the salad bar. I had three refills of shrimp. Cam shared some of her chicken with me and I was satisfied. I didn’t eat the cheese bread because I don’t like it. This shocks the hell out of people but to me they taste like huge Cheez-Its and I don’t like those. We stayed for a while and had awesome conversations. Sizzler isn’t as cool as it used to be but still okay if you wanna chill.

Plan B: In & Out

The other day while hanging with Cam and trying to figure out where the hell we wanted to eat we finally settled on Chick-Fil-A. We headed over and, oh, that’s right. They aren’t open on Sundays. Damn it! We had totally forgot and went to In & Out instead. I hadn’t been there in a while and the place was packed. We think its just because Chick-Fil-A was closed because ever since it opened this place hasn’t been as busy. It was packed but we managed to find parking and got our food to go but sat our asses down and ate. Cam got a grilled cheese which is everything but the beef and I got a Double-Double, fries, and a drink. Oh, and milkshake that you need all your strength to get through the straw. I still like this spot but when you want a chicken sandwich its not the same.

Big Ass Peanut Butter Cup

Cam got me this bionic butter cup. Its not from Reese’s. They don’t make them this big. She got it for me on the 4th of July and tonight while talking to her on the phone I remembered that I hadn’t eaten it yet. Which makes no sense since its chocolate and that stuff don’t last long in my house. It had been in the fridge and I tried to patiently wait for it to melt. That didn’t work. I popped it in the microwave for half a minute and inhaled it. It tasted way better than the average butter cup. The chocolate was smooth and the peanut butter was creamy. My goofy ass is sitting here wondering why I’m not hungry at dinner time totally forgetting that I just at a meal in this. Cam is holding it to show how massive it is.