Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally A Chick-Fil-A

I have been to Chick-Fil-A three times now. I first went last week after a night of partying at City Walk. I know a lot of people around the world reading this are thinking “We’ve had Chick-Fil-A forever.” Well, here in Los Angeles we haven’t. It opened a few months ago and I had to wait until the craziness died down before I even attempted to go. So away me, Cam, and Mrs. Law went! Its over on Sunset and Highland right near the In & Out and there is usually a line of cars or people. Not to say the employees are slow. Not at all. They are actually very fast. We all got the regular sandwich, fries, and a drink. Three people can eat for less than $20 and be full. I ended up going again the next day with Alex and again today with Cam. Very awesome burgers, sauces, and service. Go here if you can.

No one spells my name right.


Sort of Camille said...

Holy...cow! Did you see Cow Appreciation Day is July 13th? Free chicken to people dressed like a cow! I might give it a try!

Dante said...

No, I did not see that. I just saw this comment for the first time! Damn it!