Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buddha's Belly Again!

I checked over my blogs and saw that the last time I went to Buddha’s Belly was almost half a year ago. That will not do. This place is too damned good to not go to more often. After a long ass past few weeks at my new job Cam and I decided that we were gonna go somewhere for dinner. We had two choices and I’m so damned glad we picked this. Its just too damned delicious.

We started with a couple of Adult Arnold Palmer’s. Now, I have to admit that the first time I had an AP was at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with The Engineer and I assumed it was a booze drink. Turned out it was just tea and lemonade. This had alcohol in it and was great. Not super strong but enough to let you know you were at the big kids table.

For appetizers we got chicken potstickers again and we dove right into them so there’s no picture. Sorry. For a meal we both got this chicken burger. Neither of us remember the name and I checked their website and did not see it on there. Cam says that they change their menu a lot.

The chicken burgers had this sweet and sour sauce, jalapenos, cabbage, and amazing chicken on a bun. There was a side of some of the best sweet potato fries with mint sprinkled on them. We both took bites and couldn’t even talk. You know when a meal is good when your ass cant even say how good it is. We had a great conversation full of laughs, good food, and feeling awesome. This was the best day I’ve had in weeks. And yes, we left crippled.

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