Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Girl Dinette

Camille and I went to this place that she had been to once before called Good Girl Dinette over in Highland Park. I had never even heard of this place but I am so glad that I have now. This place was so damned good. The parking was easy and across the street. We headed inside and ordered drinks and our meals. I wasn't quite sure of what I should get but the chicken sandwich sounded good. Banh Mi Galangal chicken was the bombdiggity. I still have the other half of it in my fridge right now. Camille got the same thing but with a side of slaw while I got the garlic spicy fries (she got a side of those too). Those fries are so damned good! Some of the best I have ever eaten.

I also got the curry chicken which tastes good and I have some leftover as well. For drinks we got the house made drinks. Camille got the grapefruit and I got the blood orange flavors. They were super good and I don't even like grapefruit. If I am ever in the area again I will be swinging by this place.  

Shake Shack In West Hollywood

JP and I finally made it to Shake Shack. This place is new so its very popular. We tried to go last week but the line was too long so we gave it another try with plans B. and C. just in case the line was still too long. The line was long but moved faster than last time. We were luckily able to get a table inside because the idea of sitting outdoors with dozens of people staring at us eat is not fine. I got a bacon burger with fries and a Sprite. JP got this beer an bacon grease made burger with cheese with a mango drink. We went halfsies on the fried chicken sandwich.

The bacon burger was awesome. Really good bacon but a bit smaller than I was expecting. The one JP got was super greasy and missing...something. It had powerful strong mustard on it but needed lettuce and tomato or something. I'm not quite sure. The crispy chicken sandwich was very good as well and is keeping me on my hunt that I have with Camille for the best chicken sandwiches. I'll be heading back here for sure but hopefully it will calm down a bit so I can just grab something in less than ten minutes.  

Back At Marix

Last week JP and I went to Marix. We tried to go to Shake Shack but the idea of waiting in line for an hour when we're hungry is not good for us or society. So we walked back down the street and went to Marix. We looked at the menu and wanted to try something new but eventually we were like “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” We ended up ordering what we got last time. I got a burger and fries. She got a Cubano. And we split these chicken fajitas. Everything was just as good as last time and we left full as hell and continued to have a fun day. This place is really cool by the way. The staff is nice, not pushy and all over you for refills or checking on your order, and its nice and open. You should check it out next time you're in WeHo. And of course we topped it all off with Carmella.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

For my birthday my cousin JP made me a cake. She asked what kind I wanted and I said white cake. For some reason that is my favorite type when someone makes it. I used to make these for myself and I remember one time someone saying “That's sad you have to make yourself a cake.” I was like “Damn it, you aren't making me one!” 

So my cousin that is awesome and one of my favorite people made me a cake and it is delicious. I had two pieces the first night with coffee (like old folks) and more the next day. I know that it is just a cake but to me it is something someone wanted to do for me. Its nice when someone thinks of you and wants to be nice.  

Nanbankan Six Years Later

I can't believe it but its been six years since Cam last brought me to Nanbankan for my birthday. She made reservations because fancy needs that and we got there right on time. We were seated and got to watch the chefs making every meal. And there are a lot of meals. I got some chicken meatballs, shrimp tempura sushi, sashi chicken, and a grilled potato with sour cream. Cam got the best cod I have ever tasted, grilled onion, corn on the cob. I know I am leaving something out. We got Asahi's as well! Everything was awesome! Everything! I love this place. The portions seem small but I assure you that you'll get full. Then we went to Carmella afterward to top off the end of probably my favorite birthday weekend ever.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chin Chin Birthday

For my birthday I went to Chin Chin on Sunset with JP. I had not been here in years so I was happy to head there again. But first we saw Deadpool and laughed our asses off and I ate popcorn. We were able to be seated immediately and ordered five separate dishes. We got potstickers as well as wontons. Each were super hot. Not taste wise, but heat. That isn't a complaint, just a warning. For main dishes we got...let me see if I can remember the names.

General Tso, orange chicken, and some other chicken something. The two chicken dishes kind of tasted the same but were good and the steak one was a bit sweet. I enjoyed them but today when thinking about this they didn't have the ribs I remember getting here years ago. All of this food tasted better today. The location looks nice but you have to deal with a lot of near fatal accidents on Sunset and random aggressive homeless people. The staff is nice but they come to the table to check on you a little too often. I'm guessing we were checked on close to ten times. This isn't the kind of spot where you can just eat and chill for an hour talking. I still enjoyed myself and the food but again, it tasted even better today.