Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nanbankan Six Years Later

I can't believe it but its been six years since Cam last brought me to Nanbankan for my birthday. She made reservations because fancy needs that and we got there right on time. We were seated and got to watch the chefs making every meal. And there are a lot of meals. I got some chicken meatballs, shrimp tempura sushi, sashi chicken, and a grilled potato with sour cream. Cam got the best cod I have ever tasted, grilled onion, corn on the cob. I know I am leaving something out. We got Asahi's as well! Everything was awesome! Everything! I love this place. The portions seem small but I assure you that you'll get full. Then we went to Carmella afterward to top off the end of probably my favorite birthday weekend ever.

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