Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Taco

Today me and my cousin JP went to this place called Project Taco over on Wilshire near Crescent Heights. This place is bigger than it looks from pictures I saw online. We had to park around the corner which makes sense when you consider its off of Wilshire. That street is a nightmare. So we get there are translating the street signs and head inside. 

The line moves pretty face and there are some long tables with Jenga games on them. I suck at that game so I didn't even try and touch it. We got there during their lunch special which had two tacos, a side, and a drink. JP got the apple kale coleslaw but didn't like it that much while I got the chips with a salsa that was great. Forget what kind it even was bit it was really good. JP ended up getting the same which they replaced for free which was cool of them. I must say that the staff there was really cool as well. Now on to the tacos.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Much Continental Kitchen

I ended up going to Continental Kitchen three times in three days. I took my cousin J. for the first time as well as my cousin Mala. I then grabbed some and took it over Cam's. I love this place and they have been good consistently.