Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vees Cafe On Adams

A couple of weeks ago after a hike we all went to this place called Vees Cafe on Adams Blvd. I was hesitant when the location was mentioned. We tried to go to another spot on Adams first but it was packed and too small so we went here. I had no idea this place even existed but it turned out to be really good. I got an omelet that had avocado and bacon that turned out to be turkey bacon but still good. There was also the potatoes and the jam for the toast. I'd head to this place again for sure. And the caramel latte was super good. I managed to finish that big ass thing.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Panini Cafe Breakfast

A few days ago Cam and I headed to Panini Cafe over on 3rd and Crescent Heights for breakfast. We got there at 10am and it was the perfect time. Finding parking was easy and there wasn't any crazies in the street besides the drivers on the road. Seriously. Just sitting there you can watch near accidents for an hour. The staff at this place is always nice and the service is pretty damned fast. 

I got a scrambled omelet with chicken sausage and vegetables with a glass of fresh orange juice. Oh, and sourdough bread and potatoes. Cam got an omelet with tea. It was a very relaxing breakfast before heading out to check out a few movies for the day.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Continental Kitchen Hot Dog

I went to the Continental Kitchen again the other day and decided to try one of their hotdogs. I don't eat them often and I was sure that whatever this place made it would be good. I was correct! This monster was very filling and came with their magic fries that taste perfect. The all beef hotdog came with lettuce and tomato as well as pickle. 

The next time I go to this place I am gonna eat there because both times I picked my food up it was very comfy looking inside. The staff here is nice and when they give you a time to pick up your food it is just coming out of the kitchen and hot. I am waiting for the chance to take one of my friends here so they can see that it is as good as I have been saying. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Continental Kitchen

I just discovered a new place to get food that is less than a minute from my home, is not expensive, and tastes amazing. It is called Continental Kitchen and it is located in the same spot as Tasty Donuts on Santa Monica Blvd. 

I originally called Philly Steak Depot and after three minutes of trying to tell the lady on the phone my address before she finally told me they don't deliver here (they do) I checked for burgers in West Hollywood. When I saw the address I thought that either the information had not been updated or that it was flat out wrong. Nope. Turns out I was that close to great food.

The food was ready in 15 minutes (I called it in). I walked over there and was mad that I've passed this place so many times. It is really comfy looking inside and the staff was nice. I grabbed my food which was way cheaper than I was expecting. For this big burger, these strange delicious fries, and a fresh smoothie it was $15. They have all kinds of food. Not just burgers. They have liquor, fresh everything, a juice bar, coffee, and serve breakfast/lunch/dinner. I have to say that this burger was very fresh tasting. It took years for me to know the difference when I ate somewhere and this place has fresh burgers. If you are in the area you need to go here.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tasty Donuts and Cafe Is Good Again!

Tasty Donuts and Cafe in West Hollywood is back and good again. A while back I wrote about how the usual workers weren't there and the quality dropped a lot. Now they are in a new location that is a block closer to me and the old employees are back plus some new ones that actually give a damn. I haven't seen any of those ones that sucked that I mentioned before. They have added new flavors like this cronut which is awesome. They have bacon maple donuts, too. See, I first had one at Glazed but that place no longer exists because reasons. I have gone back to Tasty since they have reopened a few times and every time I've liked what they've made. They are back to their early 2000's version of good products and that makes me so happy. Hell. I think I'm gonna head there in a few minutes now.