Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tasty Donuts and Cafe Is Good Again!

Tasty Donuts and Cafe in West Hollywood is back and good again. A while back I wrote about how the usual workers weren't there and the quality dropped a lot. Now they are in a new location that is a block closer to me and the old employees are back plus some new ones that actually give a damn. I haven't seen any of those ones that sucked that I mentioned before. They have added new flavors like this cronut which is awesome. They have bacon maple donuts, too. See, I first had one at Glazed but that place no longer exists because reasons. I have gone back to Tasty since they have reopened a few times and every time I've liked what they've made. They are back to their early 2000's version of good products and that makes me so happy. Hell. I think I'm gonna head there in a few minutes now.  

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