Monday, June 8, 2015

Back To Vee's

Cam and I went to Vee's over on Adams Blvd this past weekend. We'd gone once before after hiking a while back and it was really good. It was good this time but, damn, they really need to work on their customer service. Was the place busy Yeah, when we first arrived. But by the time we were halfway through it wasn't and it took almost half an hour to get our check. 

There was no communication between the staff. One person came and asked if we wanted our stuff boxed. Later someone came and handed us the receipt as if we'd paid already. We hadn't. He sighed, complained, and about ten minutes later they distracted our waitress long enough to let her know. I told Cam that we needed to just head up front and pay or else wait another half an hour. Our sandwiches were good as well as the potatoes. I got a spicy chicken one but they were out of the panini bread that was supposed to be on it. Again, really good food but it'd probably be better to just pick it up instead of eating there.