Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Counter On Sunset Rules

The other day Miss Q. and I went to The Counter. No, not that shitty one on Wilshire that has terrible service, but the cool one on Sunset. Let me talk about that one on Wilshire. Not only have I had two shit experiences there, but Miss Q. had one as well with a group of people. That place really needs to get their stuff together before they go the way of the Koo Koo Roo that was there. Anyhoot…

The one on Sunset is great. We went there with Wolfenstein because they allow pets outdoors and they even brought us a heater since it was chilly outside. Yes, I know I live in California. And yes, you are a jerk for mentioning how much colder it is where you are. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bacon Flavored Popcorn...?

Cam got me a box of bacon flavored popcorn. This stuff is from the makers of bacon flavored mayo, salt, and I believe lube. I’m not kidding. So when I saw this I damn near lost my mind. So I had it for a day and decided to pop it in the microwave. Uh…it was an odd experience. Out of the package it smelled like bacon. I got excited and watched it pop…for over three minutes. There was no popping. Then once it did it smelled like wet dog food. That didn’t stop me because I’m a winner, damn it! So when it was done it ended up tasting like nothing at all. Yep. After all of that it tasted like plain ass popcorn. I love J&B’s intentions but they failed hard with this. At least I still have the bacon scented air freshener Cam gave me!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Microbrew Silverlake

A couple of weeks ago Cam and I went to this place I had passed a bunch of times when I worked downtown called Good Microbrew. We were in the area and decided to head there. We wanted some breakfast food and they had it so hell yeah let’s get some pancakes! Damn, I love me some pancakes. I got some with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs which tasted good.

On the other side I got a kinda soggy hash brown. I know these things are hard to make so I cant knock it that much. The place had just opened like an hour or so before so maybe the chef had to warm up a bit to get that perfect combination of brown going on them hashes. Either way I ate the damned thing because I’m hungry as hell at this point. Don't that look like the loneliest hash brown ever?

Pinches Tacos On Sunset

Earlier this week me and The Duchess went to this place called Pinches Tacos up on Sunset. I had to have passed this place thousands of times and never bothered to, uh, see it. Its so damned close I am mad that I didn’t know about it when me and The Engineer went to that weird ass Taxco place and had to suffer through the singing waiter with no menus. Now that I know this place exists I want to go a lot. Like, a lot. It was very good.

I was just talking to Cam a few days ago and she said that she was disappointed in the Mexican food in Los Angeles and I agreed with her. Knowing where we live and all the choices there aren’t that many that taste good. Most are…okay. Or just weird. Some of the best places are catering trucks and you have to know someone that knows which truck to go to. So I’m super happy that I now know that Pinches exists.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ruffles Queso Fail

Yesterday I went to the store and using my Fat Vision I spotted some chips I had not seen before. Ruffles Queso. You all know I’ll try any new chip so I bought a bag. So there I am sitting on the phone with Cam and I pop one of these into my mouth. She asked how it tasted and here is my exact quote: “Oh, it tastes like that cheese popcorn I used to eat when I was a kid…and vomit! Aaagh!!!” I don’t know how they managed to reproduce the taste of actual vomit but they did. Shame on them for this shit. The worst part was that the taste took forever to go away. I know it didn't help that these were just covered in cheese. Thick, vomity ass cheese.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Gardens Of Taxco West Hollywood

Yesterday me and The Engineer went to this place called The Gardens Of Taxco over here in West Hollywood. She grew up nearby and I have lived here for over a decade and neither of us had ever been to this place. Which is kinda weird because we eat at places all the damned time and this place is less than a minutes walk. I almost went here in 2010 but didn’t for some reason. I think someone said “empanada” and I ran in the other direction. For good reason as it turns out. Here’s what their enchilada looks like.