Friday, February 10, 2012

Bacon Flavored Popcorn...?

Cam got me a box of bacon flavored popcorn. This stuff is from the makers of bacon flavored mayo, salt, and I believe lube. I’m not kidding. So when I saw this I damn near lost my mind. So I had it for a day and decided to pop it in the microwave. Uh…it was an odd experience. Out of the package it smelled like bacon. I got excited and watched it pop…for over three minutes. There was no popping. Then once it did it smelled like wet dog food. That didn’t stop me because I’m a winner, damn it! So when it was done it ended up tasting like nothing at all. Yep. After all of that it tasted like plain ass popcorn. I love J&B’s intentions but they failed hard with this. At least I still have the bacon scented air freshener Cam gave me!


Jackie S. said...

I have this at home, unpopped, because someone warned me it smelled nasty, and now it will remain unpopped! I also tried the bacon maple lollipop....nastiest thing I ever stated, it tasted like what raw meat smells like...nuff said!

Dante said...

Its best that you don't cook this. Use it as a secret weapon against someone you don't like. Just leave it in their car or something.